Innoppl Development Services

INNOCLUSIVE, Innovation + Inclusive = Innoclude (aka, “Innovative Inclusion”)

Innoppl is your all-inclusive mobile app and web development firm with a rapidly growing team of 55+ “innovative people” who are subject matter experts in:

  • Solid Strategic Approaches
  • Design, (SEO Copywriting, UX and UI),
  • Mobile and Web Development
  • Maintenance

We call our unique, all-inclusive approach – Innoclusive. Simply put, our team dives deep into your project to provide a completely innovative and inclusive solution that addresses all of your needs. Looking for iOS or Android app development? In need of a CMS solution for your website? Innoppl is your Innoclusive IT partner from project idea to implementation.

Specifically, we can help you with:

We approach every B2C or B2B development project by looking at the end ¬– with the solution. We simply ask ourselves, “What problem are we trying to solve for our clients?” And then we solve it – innovatively, with innovative people. It’s the stuff of InnolutionsTM and it’s what we do.

Let’s collaborate to create and implement your IT idea today!

Call our strategic team to share your idea and we’ll start brainstorming solutions!

Solid Strategies to Meet User Expectations
Innoppl’s strategy experts develop a game plan that meets,and even exceeds, your business goals and user expectations. Our dialog with you begins with these collaborative questions:

Is a Native or Hybrid approach the best, most cost effective solution for your project?
What are the tradeoffs in performance, user acceptance, maintenance, etc.?
Do you need a prototype or a minimal viable product (MVP)?
What technologies are changing or emerging that could impact this project?

Our Solid Strategic Approach includes: Mobile strategies and solutions that engage and unite your business and audience, business analysis and analytics, SEO considerations, architecture considerations, mobile web, emerging technologies, QlikView business intelligence.

Innovative Design and Branding
Innoppl’s design experts are critical to your success. Our team of user experience UI and UX designers love the challenge of ensuring that the products they create for our customers are simple to use for highest user engagement. Great design also requires great content so we have pros to help you there as well, ensuring your brand message is loud and clear.

Our Design Services include: Mobile app design, UI & UX website design, interaction design, Drupal theming, content strategy and identity development, and video development.

Mobile and Web Development Utilizing the Latest Technologies

It takes a high performance team of skilled technologists working in the latest technologies to build the most successful applications. Innoppl’s architects, system engineers, iOS developers, Android developers, and database experts all collaborate to perform client-side and server-side development for your applications and websites. Constantly updating their skills with new emerging technologies ensures that you get the best solutions, every time.

Our Development Services include: Mobile app development (native iOS, Android, & hybrid solutions), website development, content management systems, constituent relationship management (CRM)integration (Salsa nonprofit online marketing platform), Drupal web development, Magento e-commerce solutions, and WordPress development.

Ongoing Maintenance, Performance Improvement and Contract Staffing

Ensuring your mobile app or website remains relevant and accurate for the best user experience takes dedication and time. If your sites are not being regularly updated and maintained Innoppl can help.

Our dedicated team of support specialists will provide efficient and cost effective ongoing management and support for all of your mobile apps and Drupal or WordPress sites. Our services range from basic site administration to website hosting, updated UX/UI design, fresh SEO content, training, third party service integrations as needed, and more.

Our Maintenance Services include: Performance improvement, platform upgrade and version control, contract staffing solutions, software updates, data migration.