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The T-Mobile Single Button Unlock

The T-Mobile Single Button Unlock

With President Barack Obama signing the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law, carriers have jumped into the band wagon of providing customers with Unlock options. Of course, they are ‘terms & conditions apply’.

The latest being the T-Mobile. No more hassles from customer service or tutorial-guide for unlocking do’s and don’ts.

T-Mobile has come with a Single Button Unlock option that aims at making unlocking hassle-free. The option is being tested on a not-so-known Samsung Galaxy Avant.

It comes with a few requirements and catches that you should know.

What is it?

Unlock your phone with a single click.

The requirements –

  • Should be a T-Mobile device
  • T-Mobile device that is not reported lost or stolen
  • Good account history

Terms & Conditions –

  • Cannot request more than two mobile device unlocks in a year
  • If the device is being purchased through an installment plan, it must be paid full to avail the service.
  • A minimum of $100 refills required if you are on T-Mobile Smartphone prepaid plan.

The Biggest Catches –

Complete pay-off: No loop holes here! To unlock permanently, it has to be a completely paid off device
Device tested: Tested sadly on a lesser known Samsung Galaxy Avant.

What if I need the service for a short span only, say while on travel?
In that case, you could make use of a second button that allows unlocking for up to 30 days.

What if I am on some other T-Mobile other than the tested model?
Well, you gotta do it the same old way! Hopefully, with more competition we could expect this to change.

With more carriers working out their way on the options and its performance on android – are interesting sides worth the wait and watch.

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