Industry: On-DemandComprehensive app for hotels


Our client is a one-of-a-kind idea which caters to hotel owners’ management requirements. They had a standalone app serving just one hotel and needed the app to be scaled up for multiple hotel owners.

The problem identified

The app had bugs and lacked clear set of functionalities. Among three functionalities, only Work Orders could be created using the app while accessing the logs and notes required a desktop computer. This failed the app’s purpose.

The solution prescribed

We advised to create a comprehensive iOS app with complete backend setup. The app allowed creating and assigning multiple users and roles. Employees were able to access the app and check their day’s task from their smartphones. Updating the Notes and Logs after completion, was made possible. We suggested to convert the app into a product and sell it to other users through the App Store. A subscription-based model with a free trial period, was also introduced with a nominal fee, to generate a monthly review.

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The result achieved

The new app’s functionalities served all the client’s requirements and offered a resource management solution for hotel business owners. The app gained recognition in the app store and was preferred by players in hospitality industry.

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