Industry: eCommerceDrupal Development For Georgia State University – NIFTEP


Georgia State University and administers have an international forum on teaching legal ethics and professionalism in NIFTEP, National Institute for Teaching Legal Ethics and Professionalism. This website is accessed by the international community of ethics teachers, scholars and practitioners. It is an interactive platform with resource repository and clearinghouse.

The problem identified

The client had multiple sites to manage. But they needed Drupal expertise to maintain and add new features in the sites. Parallely, spam sign ups and pending Drupal updates were waiting to be addressed. There were many new feature requests that need to be addressed.

The solution prescribed

We fixed the spam sign-ups using Google recaptcha in the sign up forms. Data entered by bots were avoided by using additional validations. We also optimized the search results. Our Drupal experts planned the features based on the tight deadlines and accomplished the client’s request within the limited development hours per month.

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The result achieved

The client was delighted because we eliminated the spam registrations totally. The admins were able to manage the site users easily. The site’s forum discussions went on smoothly.

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