A ecommerce Case StudyRetrieving an electronics e-retailer’s hacked credit card information


Our client is an eCommerce retailer selling mobile accessories in Atlanta, GA. The retailer was ambushed by hackers, resulting in the credit card details of customers being exposed to the hacking team.

The problem identified

Our security experts conducted a thorough research and located how the hacker stole credit card information alone instead of other payment gateways in the checkout page and several other pages.

Secondly, the brand was facing a tough situation due to slumping sales graph, and wanted to exploit organic traffic and improve conversions.

The solution prescribed

The JavaScript code that created the credit card information theft was removed. With further security patrolling, Innoppl found more security loopholes which were fortified by coding fixes and updating the latest Magento security patches.

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The result achieved

The Magento store was immunized and security was tightened to protect sensitive information. We conducted random tests and the results once again proved that website is safe and secure for gadget freaks to shop peacefully.