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What AI Can and Cannot Do for Your E-commerce Business?

Are you eager to explore the ways in which AI can revolutionize your ecommerce business’s SEO, Engagement, and Conversions? We cordially invite you to attend an informative webinar that aims to unlock the power of AI in driving revenue and expansion.

Thursday, July 27, 2023, 2 PM Eastern Time

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The business world is experiencing a groundbreaking transformation because of AI. The emergence of generative AI like ChatGPT4 presents a limitless horizon of possibilities to explore.

If you are wondering how to leverage AI for your e-commerce business, this webinar presents you with what you can and cannot do with AI.

For example, from the SEO perspective, AI can automate keyword research, content creation, and link-building tasks. Still, it lacks the understanding and creative thinking needed in certain aspects of SEO, such as content strategy and audience targeting.

From the customer engagement and conversions point of view, AI can help understand customer needs better, offer personalized recommendations, provide real-time customer support, and assist with inventory management and supply chain optimization. However, AI cannot replace the need for human interaction and emotional connection.

Therefore, in this insightful webinar, What AI Can and Cannot Do for Your E-commerce Business, our AI experts and E-commerce specialists will provide you with practical information on AI and help you plan your marketing and business strategies effectively.

What will you learn?

Key discussion topics:

  • Understanding the basics of Artificial Intelligence
  • The main benefits and challenges of using AI for ecommerce
  • How AI can offer tailored search results and customized marketing messages
  • Examples for using AI for customer engagement
  • How to balance the use of AI and human touch in your ecommerce business, and more!

The webinar will be useful for:

  • E-commerce Business Owners
  • CEOs & CMOs
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • SEO Executives
  • And everyone else interested in learning about new aspects of online business

What else does the webinar offer?

  • Q and A session
  • 30-minute on-demand meeting with the speakers
  • Free audit of your eCommerce website and recommendations for improvement

Featured Speakers

Satish Kumar

Sathish Kumar Mariappan
AI Expert & Product Founder, RoundView

Sathish is the mastermind behind the development of cutting-edge AI chatbots and video tools. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, his expertise is unparalleled. His passion for innovation and dedication to creating user-friendly technologies have brought many of our company's products to life.

Colin Boddy

Colin Boddy
Customer Experience Expert, Innoppl

Colin Boddy is a seasoned B2B and B2C eCommerce expert. With a wealth of experience as a development architect, he is dedicated to creating strong business foundations that withstand the test of time and deliver long-term benefits. His expertise has helped grow businesses worth over $2 billion.

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