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7 Web Design Trends for 2015

7 Web Design Trends for 2015

If you are on the verge of planning a website for your business or revamping one, then you gotta read these trends.

Responsive design for mobile-readiness

Expect to see great innovation in the responsive website design arena with emphasis on the mobile-friendly sites. With the ever rising numbers of smartphone population and increasing usage, a mobile-oriented web design is a must have and will never cease and will only be greatly welcomed.

A desktop is no longer enough. Evolve& Scale together with these technologies to stay in the race. Work on faster loading time, use parallax designs, integrate your mobile website with social media, allow subscribing for emails and newsletters and more via mobile without having to depend on the desktop.

Flat designs will get a high

Flat designs

This minimalist designing is evolving rapidly owing to the fact that it lends an enhanced visual experience with its clear cut designs and use of bright colors, interesting and simple use of animation and supports a smooth mobile browsing experience and much more.

The material design is seen as the perfect compliment for the mobile interfaces. This material design is seen as the future of flat design due to its content focused approach, its ability to lend a sense of class and clean designs.

Scroll, Scroll, Scroll…

Expect seeing long page sites as users prefer scrolling rather than clicking. Parallax scrolling became popular in 2014 and has had an amazing reception due to the convenience factor. It is a perfect tool for sites that require storytelling. Let’s expect some interesting innovations in 2015.

Larger Images

The images are also getting its transformation along with the fonts. Humans being visual creatures, it only makes sense to have bigger images to prolong the attention span and instill curiosity leading to browsing your website.

Keep in mind the limitations in the bandwidth & server, make them responsive across devices and employ high-quality images/animations with vibrant color combinations.

Also, the use of background images will see some astonishing creativity & using blur and color filter with text overlay is a way to adhere to quality while also being flexible.

Videos Supersede Texts


This one’s thoroughly owing to the cramped attention span. People prefer watching a well conceived video than reading. In this age of information overload, videos are the perfect tools to get your message across. Embedding HTML5 is to be increasingly used to make a quick impression while also demonstrating an otherwise complex messaging.

The Rise of Webgraphics

Much like the Infographics, Webgraphics also accommodate large amounts of information; yet allow the readers interact with the information. They enjoy more attention and more appeal than Infographics does.

Gear up to offer Webgraphics as part of your offerings as any business will welcome smart and quick ways of packaging contents.



Personalization is the key. Replace the overused fonts Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri and Helvetica with some of the admirable fonts such as Ubuntu, Cabin, Corbel and much more which are now acceptable in the business front. Game for more options and ready to shell out some money? Then chose Gotham, Adobe Caslon and much more.


While taking a closer look, we realize the trends are a culmination of a wanting of simplicity, enhancing user experience and catering to the mobile-savvy user. These are only a few of the emerging trends and make sure you don’t miss whilst working on your site.

Do share more of them or you feel we should have added with us.

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