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Management Systems – Start Automating Your Process

The business world is rapidly marching towards automating their processes at their organizations to improve efficiency. Automation paves way to stabilize processes, gets things independent and shoots up the productivity by reducing human errors. Automated Management Systems can be of a use in such process-driven tasks-

  • Streamline processes and bring a structure to your everyday work
  • Reduce repetitive and manual tasks
  • Make employee management simple and transparent
  • Improve communication as all the data is in a centralized location
  • Organize your work orders to ensure maximum productivity
  • Improve time taken to complete and upload paperwork

Industries We Focus On For Management Systems


Our Industry Solution Examples

Hotel Front Desk

Hotel Front Desk is a state-of-art app, specially developed for communicating internally and employee management. The app concentrates on empowering the hotel manager to be constantly in touch with his team and get things done at the hotel.

  • The hotel’s needs are understood very well by the team and the app is customized to perfectly suit all the needs
  • Work creation and assigning it to the employees was made possible
  • Status updates were automated to the client on monitoring the works
  • Notifications were pushed to the client for timely receipt of work orders and internal communications
  • Log entries were made easy to accommodate guest special requests, lost and found, housekeeping issues, etc.
  • Employees are able to take notes to facilitate the customers very frequently.
  • Generate reports and sort it through work order history, room number, maintenance issue, etc.
  • Monthly reports can be directly generated from the app itself
  • The app is available for Desktop, tablet and mobile devices


Return goods are something that has been always the concern of the retail stores and manufacturers. Innoppl came up with an innovative app, biZZap, a dual purpose app which can be operated by both, the in-store app as well as the customer app. Customers are at ease when it comes to returns through their app which will be recorded directly in their in-store apps.

This greatly improves the customer experience quotient with a unique algorithm which makes product returns simple, fast, friendly, and more efficient. The app helped the client improve customer loyalty and reduce their shopping grievances drastically.

  • Ordering replacement parts has been quick and easy in the biZZap app.
  • Store level damage to products stored is reduced drastically
  • Minute by minute product summary reports can be generated
  • The app gathers enough data to reduce the return of products, if well managed.
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