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Elevate User Experience
With Augmented Reality

We tailor business-specific AR experiences which can serve several purposes like marketing, user acquisition, engagement, and beyond.

Innoppl’s Augmented Reality app development experts aim at creating a visually engaging virtual experience in real-world environments that can turn an app or business one-of-a-kind. We tailor business-specific AR experiences which can serve several purposes like marketing, user acquisition, engagement, and beyond.

Why AR

– The Bigger Picture

In the high-adoption scenario, the economic impact of VR/AR is forecast to amount to

29.5 Billion

U.S. dollars in 2020

With AR & Us,

Your Business Can Redefine

User Experience

Types Of Augmented Reality Based
Apps We Build

AR App Development

– Industry-Specific Use Cases

Retail Shopping


of users would prefer to shop at stores that offer AR – Google

Simulating products can improve the shopping experience, be it virtual trails for clothes or scanning products to view the contents, ingredients or whatever.

Online Shopping


of shoppers prefer AR to see product differences while shopping online

AR in online shopping can provide the convenience of not just imagining but experiencing the product at home providing a better idea to buy.

AR Maps


locations in the UK can be rendered in Maps with AR assistance

Users can navigate with more information in a more engaging way as AR can overlay information on real-world geographical locations and structures.



AR smart glasses shipment will grow to 28M in 2021 with travel taking a fair share of it.

Walkthroughs and navigation along with information on historical information, panorama view of sites and more will enable people to explore anywhere across the globe.


3D Models

Deploy AR-powered 3D models for interactive learning in classrooms.

Augmented reality in classrooms can pave way for interactive learning by engaging students with 3D models and graphics.



AR and VR in healthcare market are expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2022.

Operations can be made with more precision with augmented-reality-based projections of organs and veins in the environment physicians are operating in.


Brands like Audi, Jeep, JCB, BMW, Mercedes and Hyundai use AR experiences for immersive buying experience and reduce downtimes.

AR can aid automobile companies in manufacturing, servicing cars and even training service engineers to provide intelligence on locating and getting repairs done.

Why Choose Innoppl As Your

Augmented Reality Partner

Creating engaging experiences are not anymore confined only to creating mobile app interfaces. Keeping up the pace with rapid transitions we have embraced technologies like Augmented Reality to redefine ‘Experience’.


Our designers create personalized AR experiences and 3D overlays which pave way for future updates and endless improvisations.


We fortify AR apps with multiple layers of security and encryption ensuring that your apps are immunized to hack attempts.


Apart from mobile-based AR apps, we have the expertise to build AR experiences in wearable devices.


Adding to the security, Innoppl can render the cloud expertise to host your app for adaptive scaling and quick loading experience.

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

20+ Years of Experience Working with Multiple Brands

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