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Expert PPC Management Services To Boost Your ROI

  • $900M Revenue Achieved for Clients
  • 1000+ Successful PPC Campaigns
  • 125% Average Increase in CRO%
  • 30% Average Reduction in Cost Per Lead
Expert PPC Management Services To Boost Your ROI

Looking for the best PPC results?
Our Google-certified PPC Agency has you covered.

Google-certified PPC
Google-certified PPC

Google PPC is getting costly
How to make it worthy?

Challenges in PPC Campaigns

1. Increased Competition

Increased competition for ad placements drives up bid prices, making it more drastically expensive to secure top positions.

2. Google’s auction system

Google uses an auction system where more advertisers compete for the same keywords, resulting in higher costs per click..

3. Quality score complexities

The quality score system considers factors like ad relevance, page experience, CTR%, etc. Lower quality scores can shoot up campaign costs.

4. Google’s market dominance

Google’s dominance, control over pricing, and lack of transparency make it difficult to predict and manage costs.

Solve These PPC Challenges

How we Solve

  • Through targeted keyword research
  • By identifying high-value, low-competition keywords
  • Continuous campaign optimization to boost quality scores
  • By creating high-converting landing pages
  • Utilizing effective remarketing strategies to increase the likelihood of conversions
  • Efficient ad scheduling to target your audience when they are most likely to engage
  • By setting daily and/or campaign budgets to control costs and prevent overspending
  • Implementing tracking codes and analytics tools to make data-driven decisions and boost efficiency

Low spend. High returns. That’s our ROI-Positive PPC Campaigns Guarantee

Performance Guarantees
  • Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR) Tick Icon

  • Improved Quality Score Tick Icon

  • Increased Conversion Rate Tick Icon

  • Increased Ad Impressions Tick Icon

  • Enhanced Ad Position Tick Icon

  • Enhanced Account Performance Tick Icon

Revenue Guarantees
  • Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR) Tick Icon

  • Improved Quality Score Tick Icon

  • Increased Conversion Rate Tick Icon

Our Google PPC Management Services Include

In-depth competitor analysis
In-depth competitor analysis

We use flagship tools to benchmark your performance against your peers and main rivals and enable you to make the best out of your own campaigns right away

Keyword strategy & optimization
Keyword strategy & optimization

We help you set up a foolproof process by identifying the right keyword strategy so that the ads reach the most relevant target audience.

Creating high-performing ad copies
Creating high-performing ad copies

We have the right expertise to create high-performing, successful ad copies that increase click-through and conversion rates.

Display and Retargeting ads design
Display and Retargeting ads design

Our team of expert designers can help you create effective retargeting banner display ads that drive brand awareness and enable you to achieve maximum conversions.

Landing page creation and optimization
Landing page creation and optimization

We help you build CRO-ready landing pages to best engage your customers and make the maximum return on your pay-per-click campaign investments.

Ad maintenance
Ad maintenance

There’s no room for ‘set it and forget it.’ Your PPC campaigns will be regularly monitored and optimized to get the best returns for your spend.

Budget management and optimization
Budget management and optimization

We ensure that your PPC budget is generating maximum results. Our team optimizes your campaigns meticulously to reduce wasted ad spend and increase your ROAS.

Regular performance reporting
Regular performance reporting

Our regular weekly and monthly reports give you a clear understanding of how your PPC campaigns are performing. The reports cover key metrics and actionable insights.

Expert support and consultation
Expert support and consultation

Whether you have questions, need assistance, or want to explore new opportunities, we are here to guide you and help you achieve success with your Google PPC campaigns.

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Our 10-Step Surefire PPC Blueprint

1. Initial consultation and assessment to understand your goals and budget
2. Thorough keyword and competitor analysis
3. Research and strategy development
4. Campaign setup, including ad copy creation and targeting configuration
5. Continuous monitoring and optimization of campaigns
6. Steps to optimize and improve quality scores
7. Landing page optimization to enhance user experience and increase conversions
8. Conversion tracking and measurement to analyze campaign effectiveness
9. Regular reporting and analysis of key metrics and trends
10. Ongoing support throughout the PPC management process

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