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Mobile Payment Integrations

More than 60% of smartphone users in the U.S prefer to transact online and choose to redeem their loyalty rewards through eWallets. The demand for smart & secure mobile payment gateways have shot up in the recent times due to the smartphone user explosion. Most of the customers prefer to shop through their smartphones/tablets due to the convenience it offers and they look to go cashless with straightforward payment options like ApplePay, Android Pay or PayPal. The goal of Innoppl is to offer the customers a plain-sailing online shopping experience through enhanced technology.

With wearables like Apple Watch/Smart Watches enabled with NFC & payment options, customers are empowered to make ePayments at their favorite stores and restaurants. Already have a pick as your preferred payment gateway? Innoppl works for you and we will integrate that with our mobile apps.

With a team of mobile development experts at Innoppl, we understand that safety of a transaction is the highest priority and we pamper our clients with smart solutions that give them loyal & happy customers.

Industries That Benefit from Mobile Payment Integration


Mobile Payment Integrations

Hotel Front Desk

Hotel Front Desk is an app designed with “customer satisfaction” as the only goal. It is designed for hoteliers & restaurant owners to effectively reach out to their customers and process the orders more quickly and efficiently. Innoppl’s impeccable payment integration to the app was one of the key highlights

With Hotel Front Desk app,

  • Customers can register and make payments through the app.
  • They can also avoid last minute hype in settling bills and receive their payment details onto their inbox.
  • It was also convenient for hoteliers as they could receive real-time confirmation from customers rather than just a phone call.
  • Automatic creation of guest account enables them to edit their reservation details and adjust payments.
  • Payment in multiple currencies
  • Payment is processed either as In App Payments or through PayPal/Authorize.Net
  • Customers can choose multiple payment options


Thumbkandi offers an unlimited messaging experience and is an IP based messaging app. The unique selling point of this app is its hand drawn fun stickers. Through Innoppl’s payment integration, customers can now make in-app purchases to buy their favorite stickers and icons.

Kasper Cab

Kasper Cab is a unique concept based cab service app. Innoppl’s safe & secure mobile payment integration helped their app integrate with secure and easy payment gateways. This integration helped the customers to easily manage their monthly subscription accounts and opt for cashless rides.

SPI Cinemas

SPI Cinemas is a top player in the entertainment industry in India.We built their app with more user friendly features like the easy mobile payment option. With this unique add-on, the customers are able select their favorite movies, block seats and pay for their food without having to stand in long & tiring queues. SPI Cinemas got positive and appreciating reviews from their customers for making mobile payment easy and it was a time saving solution for beating the long ques at the counter.

SPI also have their own Wallet service, Fuel Wallet, which was integrated with the app.

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

20+ Years of Experience Working with Multiple Brands

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