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Field Service Forms

All major industries need to track activities and maintain service records and forms. Automated field service forms enable many features like:

  • Service, Repair and Installation Management,
  • Easily collect Customer details and information,
  • Track and manage employee activities,
  • Pre schedule and assign tasks according to workflows,
  • Manage back end system maintenance jobs,
  • Operational and Compliance checklists,
  • Feedback and review collection,
  • Field safety checklists, and
  • Inventory control, automated billing and accounting etc.

All the above features can be automated and processed immediately from almost anywhere.

Innoppl can setup Field Service Forms to configure and integrate all the above functions and more across multiple categories. With the availability of robust cloud storage services, data handling and storage is fast and easily accessible. FSF software and mobility solutions streamline your company’s paperwork and operations which reduce processing time and human error.

Reducing paperworks and manual efforts within an organization is an important activity that needs immediate digital involvement. For this pupose, Innoppl has developed an extremely user-friendly DIY form building tool, Innoforms, which automates all your internal workflow and help you access your forms any where, even from your mobile. This greatly helps to increase productivity and save time to focus on better technological innovations. Using Innoforms, you can build, digitize your forms and do more , effectively and effortlessly.

Industries We Focus For Field Service Form Integration


Our Industry Solution Examples

Mighty Auto Parts

  • Mighty Auto Parts required an app to enable smarter customer interaction for their automotive service professionals. We developed an mobile app with field service form integration called Mighty Assist. Through this app, they could enable easier end to end customer management and also monitor employee activities in real time.
  • Innoppl designed and developed Android and iOS apps that educated customers about their cars and enabled them to choose the automotive service plan that best fit them.
  • We created custom report templates for sales where fields could be auto populated by scanning VIN barcodes. Employees could edit, save and manage each customers’ service details.
  • The app can take and attach pictures to the completed forms and email them all as a report.
  • Customers and vehicle inspectors could approve the inspection service report with their signatures.
  • The uploaded data can be managed through a web backend and reports can be generated as needed.


Vanderlande is the global leader for logistic process automation at airports, and in warehouses. Our mobility solutions and field service forms enabled them to:

  • Plan and monitor installations in real time
  • Do security and compliance checks, and sign off on checklists at the place of installation,
  • Record maintenance requirements,
  • Increased security and authorization using touch ID

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

20+ Years of Experience Working with Multiple Brands

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