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Onsite Patient Care

Patient care through technological advancements is making the health care industry to be more smart and user-friendly. Healthcare apps are changing the world and Innoppl is extremely proud of contributing to this industry by developing advanced & utilitarian healthcare apps that are very popular among the masses.

Our clients have always been provided with the best healthcare solutions and out of the box healthcare apps. Post-Surgical and Elderly Onsite patient care are the best performing look outs in the market and we have been approached for developing impeccable solutions by our clients. The patients being able to reach out to the right physician through online medium has helped them beat the “Q” and it has drastically reduced the practice of seeking appointments with the medicos.

Innoppl also draws a lot of expertise by integrating your existing “healthcare” apps with Apple’s new Healthcare SDKs like HealthKit and CareKit.

Industries We Focus For Onsite patient care


Our Industry Solution Examples


WoundEZ app was developed by Innoppl’s team of developers for a client who was looking to serve bed ridden patients with onsite wound care. The caretaker of the patient will be informed of the patient’s exact location and the type of care they require. The app had the following features:

  • Wound Measurement using the Smartphone Camera
  • Inbuilt Braden tool for predicting pressure sore risks
  • PUSH tool to measure and track healing
  • Past history lookup

Hospice Referral

The Hospice Referral app empowered Hospice care providers to find and guide nurses to take care of the elderly and post-surgical patients. The app had options for the nurse to check in at the patient’s house, map progress, administer medications and record all the activities at the patient’s house.

Nash Ogden

Nash Ogden

20+ Years of Experience Working with Multiple Brands

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