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Location Based Beacon Solutions – Connect Better With Customers

iBeacons are a great and cost-effective way to interact with your customers. In today’s digitized world, it is very difficult to improve brand awareness by following conventional marketing methods that are expensive. iBeacons are simply the most less expensive solutions to reach out to your target audience relevant to your geography.

  • Get across targeted messages at the right time and place
  • Engage better with customers to get maximum ROI
  • Know the exact location of the user in your store and provide them directions to different departments or items they will be interested in
  • Collect valuable data about various locations and how customers interact with it.

How iBeacon Solution Is Changing Industries?

iBeacons make retailer’s life a whole lot easier by letting them connect with customers during their peak spending time.

  • Easily transmit marketing messages to your target audience without draining their batteries.
  • Target customers at the right time with tailor made messages for maximum conversions. Find your customer in their favorite section, send a customized discount coupon code and encourage them to shop more.
  • Collect engagement data for future campaigns
  • Conduct spontaneous events, like scavenger hunts, to engage customers
  • Send instant in-store offers to improve store footfall
  • Keep customers updated with latest release and announcements

Also, planning a large event, conference or a concert

  • Make your conference more interactive
  • Get your attendees to participate in the conference
  • Immediately transfer notes and other materials

Industries That Can Benefit For Location Based Beacons


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