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What Is The Future Of Digital Transactions?

All of us knew that someday we would be going to the next stage of banking where we would abandon cards. Imagine a life withdrawing cash from an ATM without a credit or a debit card. In this era of globalization, giving all the credit to the faster adaption of technology by the millions of users aro... Read More

Apr, 03, 2017    Sri Krishna

10 Best Features You Can Expect In Android O

Android is evolving with the transformation in technology as well. Staying true to the one year update cycle for its major versions, Google has now come up with the next version of Android, Android O. The news of the release of Android O developer preview has kindled the interests of all the Android... Read More

Top 5 Mobile App Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Over the years, mobile apps have evolved tremendously to become the primary source of information and communication for most of the world. 2016 was a game changing year where several businesses have built their own apps and witnessed the growth of app revenues across various industries. According to... Read More

Can Your Mobile App Last A Day?

Are you thinking about launching a mobile app? Already working on one? Is it in the store? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions or even if you are just curious, we have some numbers that will interest you. Launching an app is a big achievement and a lot of hard work, even more so if it co... Read More

Is Your Website REALLY Mobile Friendly?

The first website was launched around twenty five years ago. After 2 years they were only 14 million internet users. The internet and computers have influenced businesses in ways never imagined. And now, welcome to the smartphone era. Studies show that 80% of all internet users own a smartphone, whi... Read More

Meet Us At The Mobile X Festival

Ever thought of how you could survive your day without your mobile phone? Scary thought, we know. Many businesses have realized and are trying to capitalize on the mobile explosion in a consumer’s day to day life – That little extra effort to connect with customers and have maximum outreach thro... Read More

May, 03, 2016    Jeffrey Wisard

It’s Raining Infographics!

They are fun, educative and inspiring. Who doesn’t love ‘em! So, we decided to stimulate our creative juices and torture the daylights out of our designers in Atlanta, to build these amazing web design infographics. What is our (awesome) infographic all about, you ask? We have all these pretty, ... Read More

How To Tell When Your Website Needs A Complete Makeover [Infographic]

Every year, web experts come up with a list of new design trends that promise to make your site look and feel better. But the truth is, your website doesn’t need a complete makeover if it produces the desired business results. The basic rule of thumb: To have a productive website, it’s not enoug... Read More

Mar, 21, 2016    Jeffrey Wisard

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Work With A Local Web Design Company

The web design field is diverse, dynamic and competitive. There are millions of web design firms found around the world, but their competency level varies from one another. From our experience and listening to our customers, we can basically differentiate a web design firm into two categories: local... Read More

Mar, 14, 2016    Jeffrey Wisard

Disparity In Medical Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become an indispensable tool in the field of medicine. Doctors heavily rely on mobile apps for reference purpose, diagnosis and patient’s health records. But as the use of mobile apps increases and more number of developers are looking to build competitive apps, they are implement... Read More

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