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There’s A Growing Need For Patient-centric Technology- Insights Gained From The Frontlines.

Malcom Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point describes social epidemics. The slow albeit steady adoption of technology inxnovation or cultural changes that all of a sudden hit an inflection point. And what was once fairly uncommon gets widely adopted and becomes the new normal.

COVID-19 has led to the widespread adoption of patient-centric technology.

Healthcare has always been behind the curve in optimizing the consumer experience.

Self-service registration, appointment scheduling solutions and apps that simplify patient billing are lighting the way for a more technology-enabled healthcare space.

Paper trolleys trundling down hallways and clipboards of information will soon belong to the past. A new wave of consumer-led healthcare technology is here.

And it is benefitting patients and providers alike. Automating key processes significantly lower administrative costs and unlock new revenue opportunities. They give patients the convenience of accessing providers and seeking care without having to leave their couches.

Investors Double Down On Healthcare Technology…

According to a study by Startup Health investors have doubled on healthcare tech. Digital health spending has increased by 19% in the first quarter of 2020.

It is a strong indicator that the healthcare space is witnessing an accelerated shift in technology adoption. And it is going to lead to better quality of care, accessibility and affordability.

Bridging the divide between patients and providers through better utilization of technology and data is seen as the way forward as the industry slowly emerges from the first phase of the deadly pandemic.

Here’s how healthcare apps are paving the way for better care delivery

Introducing Affordable And HIPAA Compliant Tech

In a dynamic and highly volatile environment healthcare organizations need a reliable partner to navigate the next-steps. It is essential to not only deploy technology but also identify financially viable outcomes and help medical practices stay ahead of trends.

Innoppl with over a decade of experience in developing healthcare technology that provides a unique competitive advantage to its clients, has stepped up the plate to deliver cost-effective healthcare technology at scale.

Our Approach…

Our certified developers focus on delivering solutions that eliminate redundant tasks, simplify workflows and utilize automation to introduce accelerated and efficient processes.

All our solutions can be securely integrated with existing EHRs/PMS/EMRs.

Rather than focusing solely on digital innovation our solutions focus on solving- the real world problems healthcare organizations face. It is this approach grounded in best practices that has made us the trusted ally of hospitals and medical practices across the nation.

Delivering Results In A Condensed Time Frame

HIPAA compliant

A HIPAA compliant clinical diagnosis and triage platform that could cost effectively address health concerns and prevent unnecessary ED visits was developed recently for a client. Read more about the solution here.

A digital solution

A digital solution that could enable enhanced collaboration between partner hospitals and providers was created for a large telemedicine group. The application had an appointment scheduling feature and physician productivity tracker to ensure high levels of productivity. Read More.

An mHealth app

An mHealth app that could detect anemia and prevent haematological complications was created for a researcher who’d patented this breakthrough technology. Read about the mHealth app here.

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