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How To Effectively Improve Mobile App Retention

Mobile app development is the boom. In fact, there hundreds of apps are created and submitted to the app store every day. Yet, despite the volume, only a few are recognized. According to a recent survey based report from Forrester Research, US and UK smartphone owners “use an average of 24 apps pe... Read More

The Buzz On Mobile News

What’s hot and happening this week? We’ve got it listed right here just for you. Get updated now! Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumored To Release On August 12th The Galaxy S6 is out, and now the attention has turned towards the Galaxy Note 5. The flagship phablet is usually released in September. But n... Read More

Jul, 17, 2015    Jeffrey Wisard

Top Trends In The Mobile Industry

It’s been a busy week in mobile. The developments are phenomenal as the caliber of technology gets more sophisticated. Here’s what you should know. Wearables By Google For Clinical Trial Purposes Wearable technology is becoming an important tool in the healthcare industry. Some trackers are used... Read More

Trending Mobile News Of The Week

Who would have guessed that tracking mobile phone could be deadly? Read this week's mobile trends and stay updated. Samsung’s Security Blunder A major security flaw has been identified on Samsung smart phones by NowSecure. The problem lies in the pre-installed keyboard powered by SwiftKey technolo... Read More

Unbelievable Mobile App Trends Of The Week

If you miss these trends – You will regret it! Following Apple’e WWDC, Google has also rolled out a major update which is going to make our lives a whole lot easier. Here are this week’s mobile app updates! Important Updates From Apple’s WWDC El Captain is an improved OS, redesigning the ent... Read More

The Future Of Mobile Ads – How To Successfully Target Users

Mobile advertising is on an upward trend. Research from eMarketer shows that in 2015, digital spend for mobile almost equals desktop spends and, in 2019, it’s predicted that mobile ad spends will increase vastly and account to 40% more than desktop ads. With more advertisers migrating from the des... Read More

Mobile Trends on Fire This Week

This is a one of the most important weeks in the history of America, where the privacy her citizens has been prioritized and a law is passed to safeguard them! Read more on the happenings of the week. USA Freedom Act Passed – A New Era Of Privacy For America On June 3rd, 2015 at 4:04PM is when Ame... Read More

A Big Week For Mobile Trends

All big players have big news this week. You simply don’t want to miss out on these updates on Apple’s big summer conference to Google’s Android M. Find all you need to know now! Apple Rolls Out Invitation For WWDC Along With A Schedule App In April, Apple had announced WWDC will be held on Ju... Read More

Digital Summit, Atlanta 2015 – Why Are We Sponsors And Why Should You Go?

Innoppl is a proud sponsor of the Digital Summit, Atlanta 2015 scheduled to be held on 19-20th May. The annual Digital Summit is a great place for like minded digital lovers to meet, greet and learn from each other. Meet the top digital leaders and explore their marketing style and techniques. Learn... Read More

What’s APP’nin Around – Mobile App Trends For The Week

The more buzz we hear around mobile apps, the more we realize just how dependent we are on them. Let’s have a wrap up on the latest mobile trends that are grabbing headlines! App Annie Q1 Report Is Out With Insights On User App Engagement The Annie Report is a key report which helps in understandi... Read More

May, 15, 2015    Pon Pandian Paulswamy

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