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Why Is Chatbot A Necessary Technology Spending For Your Business In The Coming Years?

Why Is Chatbot A Necessary Technology Spending For Your Business In The Coming Years?

Chatbot, the innovation that has steered the far fetching term AI (Artificial Intelligence) into day-to-day business operations, is revolutionizing the way brands personalize communication with customers.

If you are a business that connects with end-users on a daily basis, Chatbot is the futuristic solution to automate it and make it more personalized.

The idea of ‘Bots’ replacing humans to make conversations more personalized might sound surreal but it is already happening. So before getting into the gist of reason to have a Chatbot built for your business, let’s know in brief about Chatbots and what it is all about.

Decoding The DNA Of Chatbots

What Is A Chatbot?

A Chatbot is basically a software program that can interact with customers to understand queries and return relevant information that serves the purpose of the query.

Types Of Chatbots:

Two types of Chatbots exist. Chatbots based on rules and those which use machine learning. Chatbots that work based on rules can relate to only a specific set of queries or commands. Anything out of the predefined commands would go unnoticed.

Self-evolving Chatbots: AI, NLP And Machine Learning

In case of Chatbots fueled with ‘Machine Learning’, the opportunities become endless. These chatbots self-evolve and the continuous innovation is powered by machine learning. The intelligence a chatbot acquires in a course of time is called the ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

While Machine Learning helps chatbots to evolve consistently with more exposure to queries, NLP (Natural Language Processing) helps chatbots become verse-specific like a human. With NLP, chatbots learn trigger words, commands or phrases to react to and fetch relevant information from a pre-set database or provide suggestions in return.

Chatbots In Customer Interactions

Customer interaction is the niche where chatbots are proving to be revolutionary. The interaction may be information retrieval, support, filter or any search-related task. Chatbots can be built based on the purpose of business.

For Instance:

An eCommerce store would require a chatbot to assist people in finding products or price while a weather app needs a chatbot to generate weather report based on user’s location.

Brands like Starbucks, Lyft, Spotify, Mastercard and Pizza Hut use chatbots to cater to millions of customer interactions on a daily basis.

Perks Of Using Chatbots – For Your brand And Customers

Enhance Organizational Efficiency Through Automation

If your organization’s customer support team is dealing with something which is repetitive, chatbots can be a perfect solution. Instead of beefing up your customer support team, build chatbots to automate repetitive tasks and improve organizational efficiency.

Assist Customers In Their Convenient Online Space

We are talking about the marketing platforms here. Given that social platforms like Facebook enables brands to create chatbots (via Facebook Messenger) to interact with users, you get to serve customers in their convenient place instead of making them reach out to your website or mobile app.

Facing The Millennial-lot Of Your Customer Base

Millenials are tech-savvy and expect chat conversations over emails or phone calls. If your products are targeted towards millennials more, rendering customer service through chatbots can carve a brand experience that millennials would love. Remember, millennials are more likely to refer a service that they love.

Assort Queries To Cut Down Human Interference

Chatbots can take position as the first point of contact for customers when they get in touch with your brand. In case of handling millions of queries a day, chatbots can filter those which definitely need human interaction and forward it to customer support agents.

Improve Operational Efficiency

In case of a human customer support personnel, it is one for 2 or 3 customers while in case of chatbots it is 1 chabot for many or any number of customers. A mix of a human workforce and chatbots would significantly improve your operational efficiency.

Is A Chatbot Necessary For Your Business?

Chatbots are built to serve specific purposes and serve as a single solution that can take care of multiple aspects of customer interactions. Chatbots help in creating a voice for your brand that’s common to all customers and help your brand stay available for interaction 24 /7.

Chatbots improve the scope of learning multifold as questions to which they are not built to answer will serve as a valuable source of information which reveals insights on changing customer expectations, industry trends or product expectations.

Chatbots evolve, but as a matter of fact, the base from where it starts needs to be clearly defined. In other words, clear manuals, a pre-defined database for query responses need to be set for chatbots to fetch appropriate answers that solve a customer’s problem.


Chatbots have made their way into the customer service industry redefining customer support prowess of brands. With chatbots being available on social platforms like Facebook (Facebook Messenger Chatbot) and real-time office messaging apps used by operational teams like Slack, Chatbots, for sure, will probe into several operational departments.

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