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Facebook to Experiment on Anonymity

With all the noise created and the apologies rendered for the controversial real names policy, Facebook is apparently not ruling out the possibility of anonymity. The New York Times reported that Facebook is developing a new app that will let users communicate anonymously with one another. Facebook ... Read More

Apple’s Answer to iPhones Snags with iOS 8

Apple’s most anticipated iPhones with iOS 8 updates ran into problems with consumers reporting software snags and vulnerability to bending. There were reports of consumers being disappointed with the iPhone as it was also the most expensive at 750$ (without contract). Users reported of a new softw... Read More

What does Increased Mobile Media Time mean to Marketers?

We love our smartphones. We love being connected on social channels and media. We love being entertained. For the social media-savvy, the combination of social media+smartphone is simply irresistible. A recent study revealed that in a day, we spend over 12 hours engaged on mobile, print, online and ... Read More

Steps to create a Mobile App

Visibility of a mobile app is a complex and tricky part which warrants a well-planned and a cautious approach even in the designing phase. The below infographics, suggests 10 steps to designing a sale-able app.... Read More

Sep, 09, 2014    Nash Ogden

Google’s Impressive 360 degree Photo App to iPhones

Google’s penchant to get its Android apps available to its iPhone users continues with launching the Photo Sphere App for iPhone users thus allowing a 3D capture on Apple iOS and uploading on Google Maps. The app lets users take a 360 degree photo by standing at one place, pointing the viewfinder ... Read More

Aug, 21, 2014    Nash Ogden

Drupal Developers at Texas

Our agile and collaborative approach ensures the most efficient development process in the industry. We boast of a continuous development model that caters to your future needs as well. Our Atlant Drupal experts start with the end in the mind and well aware of the core objectives of having a lucrati... Read More

The T-Mobile Single Button Unlock

With President Barack Obama signing the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law, carriers have jumped into the band wagon of providing customers with Unlock options. Of course, they are ‘terms & conditions apply’. The latest being the T-Mobile. No more hassles from custom... Read More

Important Facts About Drupal Support & Maintenance Service

Drupal Support & Maintenance There are umpteen number of CMS platforms out there in the market. However, not all of them are suitable for enterprise level websites. Drupal is indeed highly flexible, scalable, and robust. It is one among the few platforms that is capable of fulfilling all of the ... Read More

Aspects that make Drupal CMS Attractive

Drupal is one of the most revered CMS platforms in the market. More than 600,000 users utilize the platform to support their businesses. It is not without a reason that Drupal has gained such popularity. First of all Drupal is highly flexible, scalable, and robust. This is one of the major reasons f... Read More

Are Facebook and Twitter trying to cash in on their popularity?

Until now webmasters compete to get more Likes and many Retweets on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Soon online businesses can woo their fans to purchase their products and services without having to leave their favorite social media networks. Both the social media giants are not contented with ... Read More

Jul, 30, 2014    Nash Ogden

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