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Great News For Our eCommerce Customers – 24/7 Support

Great News For Our eCommerce Customers - 24/7 Support

We’re heading into the most crucial part of the year – The holiday season!

From Grey Thursday to New Year’s Day, you can’t ignore possible site failures or take them lightly. From our experience with lots of eCommerce customers, it’s a wise choice to take precautions and not take chances during the holiday season.

Thus, we’re here with an exciting offer for our most valued customers during this holiday season. We’re offering custom packages for 24/7 customer support from Nov 16th, 2015 to Jan 5th, 2016.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong With My Site?

A lot of things can go wrong. Surprises are fun but not those which can ruin your sales. From small to giant businesses, we’ve witnessed customers who have faced a lot of issues and witnessed their sales take a huge dip during the holidays. Some of the major issues we’ve come across are:

  • Low performance due to lack of continual monitoring
  • Sudden broken shipping management
  • Hackers playing on site’s security
  • Drastically decreased site speed
  • Prolonged downtime of their eCommerce site and mCommerce apps
  • And, because of all the above, lots of angry customers

What’s The Best Practice In This Case?

It’s okay to stay cool during any other part of the year, as it doesn’t make any significant impact on your site. Holiday times are different. It’s best to reach out to companies which can help keep your site running day and night. Hence, we recommend you share this responsibility with our top notch eCommerce team via our Custom Holiday Plans!

Got It! So, What’s Exciting About Your Offer?

We understand how strenuous it is for you to manage your sales and that a lot of effort has been made to ensure you make the most of your eCommerce sites. We thought it’s high time we do something more this holiday to ensure we serve our loyal customers to the fullest. With our round-the-clock support, we promise to,

  • Monitor your site and proactively audit site’s performance
  • Provide a complete site analysis and statistics on key elements hitting the site’s performance
  • Never keep you waiting and return your calls without a moment’s delay
  • Rope in our developers in case of emergency development support

Yes, I’m In. What Do I Do Next?

Awesome! Give us a call now. Don’t delay any moment as you could miss out big on your sales. Make your customers have the perfect shopping experience while we have the privilege to support you 24/7.

Wishing you season’s best greetings and a fantastic sale!

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