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Why develop android or iOS mobile phone apps for the automobile industry?

The need of mobile apps for automotive industry According to a reliable survey, on average, every American spends about 38 hours per year in traffic. Some of the ways used by people caught in traffic to kill time in the car include listening to music, checking out the directions or play games on the... Read More

Retail mobile applications are a boon for businesses

The use of smart mobile devices has increased in multi-folds in the recent past. Businesses have become app hungry and are constantly looking for mobile apps that would increase customer engagement and boost sales. Almost all of the sectors, such as education, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing u... Read More

Android and iOS mobile app development strategies for universities

The use of smart mobile devices among the students has increased in multi-folds over the years. Today, most of the students have their own smart mobile phone and tablets. They utilize these mobile devices to access websites and mobile applications to find information relevant to them. Today’s medi... Read More

Push notifications Vs in-app messages

Gone are the days of generic marketing, today all marketing campaigns have a personal touch in them. Unless marketing is tailored for individual customers, it is very difficult to woo them. The debut of mobile app development has made it easy for the businesses to personalize their marketing moves. ... Read More

Mobile apps growth statistics & predictions 2013 – 2014

The smart mobile devices market is swelling by the day and the demand for mobile applications is also increasing. This is the right time to develop a mobile app for your business. According to the predictions of seers in the mobile arena, the mobile trend would continue to grow until 2020. This is t... Read More

Mar, 07, 2014    Nash Ogden

Design considerations for android app development

The Android mobile platform is hailed for its flexibility. It offers mobile app developers to exercise their creativity without bounds. However, many of the android apps out there in the app stores are drab. One of the reasons for the lackluster mobile apps in the android app stores is lack of knowl... Read More

Why is a native app considered as the silver bullet in the mobile arena?

Not so long ago appeared many articles on how HTML5 is killing the native app development. Many seers predicted that the rate of technology development will make HTML5 apps more dominant in the near future. Theoretically, HTML5 apps do have the power of enticing business owners. It is true that HTML... Read More

Smarty Ring a wearable gadget that adds value to smartphones

Of late, the mobile world has been witnessing a wide range of wearable devices making their debut in the market. Apart from the traditional Bluetooth devices, new concepts, such as Google Glass and iWatch among others have been fascinating the mobile users. One other addition to this list is the Sma... Read More

Feb, 11, 2014    Nash Ogden

App developers can try their hands on SDK with Tobii EyeX Engine very soon

People are curious to experiment with new technologies, and innovators in the IT field are uncompromisingly researching on various aspects to provide users with new experiences. App development has seen plethora of changes, and it is continuing to change with the emergence of newer technologies in t... Read More

A glimpse of the new features in Android 4.4 KitKat

It is not unusual for the mobile users to expect new features whenever Google brings out new versions of the Android. Critics and fans of Android have been involved in debating and predicting the new features of Android 4.4 KitKat for quite some time. Although it is clear that the latest version of ... Read More

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