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Gantry Framework

Designing of website from Photoshop will never fade out. When it comes to html conversion, there will be a fall back in number of designers and developers involve in future. There are numerous cms and frameworks to build a website with the help of advanced functions as plugins and modules. In this p... Read More

Sep, 19, 2012    Nash Ogden


YII PHP Framework – Review

If you asked me to review YII PHP Framework in a word, I will not hesitate to call it as a friend. He codes for me, he almost reduces half of my work in the process of web application development. PHP web developers would love this framework than any other PHP frameworks. Programmer friendly - To cr... Read More

Sep, 04, 2012    Nash Ogden

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Knock Knock, It’s Mozilla (Boot To Gecko or B2G or Firefox OS)

It’s mozilla’s turn to introduce a mobile platform, Boot to Gecko, an open source mobile operating system. Possibly, tomorrow’s leader in mobile market. We have seen many mobile operating systems like Apple’s iOS, Open Handset Alliance, which is lead by Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Wind... Read More

Aug, 14, 2012    Nash Ogden


Alternative PHP Cache

This article describes about Alternative PHP Cache (APC) to improve PHP application performance. In PHP scripting program, two types of caching technique are used. One is opcode cache and the second one is data cache. The APC is opcode cache type, which would significantly speed up your applications... Read More

Aug, 08, 2012    Nash Ogden

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Typography – Art Of Web Design

Typography is an art of web design. It is most important than any other element in the website. Fonts used, size of fonts, color, spacing between words and line height are the terms of Typography. Website stands not on the good design but it does on the content, so the content should be eye-friendly... Read More

Jul, 20, 2012    Nash Ogden

ARC: A New Feature In iPhone App Development

This blog is completely written specific to iPhone application developers for using ARC. Managing Objective-C aspects within an iOS system is always complex due to the set amount of actual storage place, space place and the limited power of realistic devices. Manually handled, suggestions described ... Read More

Jul, 17, 2012    Nash Ogden

History Of Android Operating System

In later 2000, Symbian is the best Mobile Operating system in India. Main reason for this operating system became popular was its user friendliness. Users liked it and also had lot of features like Bluetooth, Camera, etc. So, all kind of users were ready to buy Symbian Mobile Operating system phones... Read More

Jul, 12, 2012    Nash Ogden

Resolving iPhone Architectural Issue : armv6

This Article is going to tell a solution to resolve the iPhone architectural issue named as “armv6″. Application executable is missing a required architecture. At least one of the following architecture(s) must be present: armv6 : Recently, I spent much time to resolve an architecture issue, Whi... Read More

Jul, 09, 2012    Nash Ogden

Web-agent codenamed ‘JUNIOR’

From the very inception of iPad, browsing the web on iOS is left with one option Apple’s Safari. Other available third-party alternative browsers such as Atomic, Dolphin, Mercury, Opera Mini, and Skyfire failed to overcome Safari. Disappointingly, the most widely known and used desktop web browser... Read More

Jul, 05, 2012    Nash Ogden

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Core PHP vs PHP Framework

This article is not dealing with technical terms and concentrates to deliver the content simple. If you are a programmer let me tell you, why you should prefer Framework ahead of Core PHP for your projects. If you are a business guy let me tell you, why it is so important to insist your software ven... Read More

Jun, 28, 2012    Nash Ogden

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