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App developers can try their hands on SDK with Tobii EyeX Engine very soon

People are curious to experiment with new technologies, and innovators in the IT field are uncompromisingly researching on various aspects to provide users with new experiences. App development has seen plethora of changes, and it is continuing to change with the emergence of newer technologies in t... Read More

A glimpse of the new features in Android 4.4 KitKat

It is not unusual for the mobile users to expect new features whenever Google brings out new versions of the Android. Critics and fans of Android have been involved in debating and predicting the new features of Android 4.4 KitKat for quite some time. Although it is clear that the latest version of ... Read More

The future of ASR and Gesture Control technology in the mobile industry

ASR Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) was expected to change the way we interact with computing devices. Unfortunately, ASR failed to perform up to the mark. There are several reasons why programmers are still unable to perfect the software to the expected levels. Unlike the written language, peopl... Read More

Oct, 23, 2013    Nash Ogden

Principles for creating flabbergasting app interface

Any review on mobile apps would start with the user interface. Even the mobile operators and the app stores dictate on how the interface of an app should be. There’s nothing to get annoyed, but there’s so much to learn from them. Attractive and intelligible user interface is the crown of a mobil... Read More

Sep, 04, 2013    Nash Ogden

Security risks in enterprise mobile apps and possible prevention measures

Enterprise mobile apps are gaining momentum by the day with more and more businesses realizing the benevolence of mobility. Diverse businesses are looking to create mobile apps that could benefit them in various ways. Along with the growth in mobile app development, the risks involved in it also hav... Read More

Aug, 28, 2013    Nash Ogden

What’s first – iOS or Android?

Less than a year back iOS had all the developer attention. Today, iOS faces stiff competition from Android. The app marketplace growth trend now reflects a level playing ground for iOS and Android. In this context, do developers face the dilemma of ‘iOS or Android’? They still do. But the questi... Read More

May, 25, 2013    Nash Ogden

iOS 6 Features – A Developer Prespective

NEW FEATURES: IOS 6 has few interesting new UI controls to make application development easier. 1. UI RefreshControl: UIRefreshControl module is employed to refresh the data in tableview. This feature would be handy, if you want to refresh the tableview and reload with a new array of data. 2. UIColl... Read More

Dec, 29, 2012    Nash Ogden

UIDatePicker-iPhone app programming

I ran into this issue when I was programming for an iPhone app three days back… Issue is not able to set the date properly when a user picks a date in UIDatePicker . First, what is a UIDatePicker and how we can we create a UIDatePicker? UIDatePicker is used to pick the date or time in the app. // ... Read More

Dec, 27, 2012    Nash Ogden


New Features of PHP 5.4.x

I’m happy to discuss about the new features of PHP 5.4.X here. New Features are lot in numbers, but I’ll be getting into out of box items alone today. Improved performance and reduced memory conception is one of the key features added in it. The first one is Traits, it’s a method of code re-us... Read More

Nov, 09, 2012    Nash Ogden

  Blog, PHP

Designing an iPhone App

iPhone app design has been started with the wireframe, wireframe may be a simple drawing in a pen, there are some tools do design a wireframe such as balsamiq, msvisio and so on, only difference in creating a wireframe with pen and wireframe design tools is accuracy. If an iPhone app layout is simpl... Read More

Oct, 29, 2012    Nash Ogden

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