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Flurry Analytics: Healthcare Apps Are Growing 87% Faster Than Other Apps

Recent surveys on mobile apps point out that the healthcare and fitness apps are growing at an alarming rate when compared with the growth of other apps in the market. Flurry Insights, a reliable online survey reports that the healthcare apps are growing nearly eighty-seven percent than other apps. According to critics, people should have either become health conscious, or the mobile technology should have increased the interest in healthcare. Recently, many tech companies have been working together with healthcare industries to create awareness among tech-savvy people. Fortunately, healthcare mobile apps have become a great hit among the people.

In order to cater to the contemporary needs of users, giants in the mobile arena are showing more interest on health components. For instance, iOS 8 that will be released shortly for public use seems to have health app that could gather information from various other healthcare and fitness applications to provide the users with comprehensive information on their health conditions. The early success of fitness trackers, such as Fitbit and Jawbone has prompted the mobile giants to focus on the healthcare arena. While Apple has already given much importance to the health component of its forthcoming mobile operating system, Google is all set to release Google Fit healthcare data tracking system.

One other reason for the incredible growth of healthcare mobile apps is the innovative ideas that are implemented by individual mobile app developers. Although the overall all interest in health and fitness mobile apps has increased abundantly, flurry analytics show that women comprise over sixty percent of the total users of healthcare mobile apps. Apart from the regular mobile apps for mobile phones and tablets, highly innovative apps developed for wearable devices have boosted the growth of healthcare apps.
Flurry analytics

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