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A Glance At The Evolution Of Wearable Devices

A Glance At The Evolution Of Wearable Devices

With the debut of smart mobile phones and tablets, the lifestyle of people has changed much. Today, people are able to perform both personal and official tasks on the move with the help of smart mobile phones and tablets. The wearable devices such as Google Glass, smartwatch, Oculus rift, and smarty ring among others have made life even better. The ambush of the smart wearable devices has surprised people. However, contrary to the thought that wearable devices are recent day innovations, wearable devices have existed as early as the 1960s.

It seems innovative minds of the past made use of the wearable devices for evil purposes, such as cheating in casinos and spying innocent people. The use of such wearable devices can be seen in movies, where the evil masterminds utilize the technology to their advantage. However, it died down and was dormant until the 1980s. During the 1980s wearable device was reinvented for better purposes and gadgets, such as calculator wristwatches became very popular. The wearable arena hit a stone wall after the release of calculator wristwatch. It was in 2007 the launch of FitBit revived the spirit of innovators.

FitBit, the first advanced wearable gadget, was introduced as fitness tracker. Since then a range of fitness tracking wearable devices flooded the market. Soon the gaming arena was targeted by the innovators and a wide range of wearable devices that made the electronic games awesome were released in the market. Today, software giants, such as Google and Apple have started showing interest in the wearable devices. However, there still exists a void that ought to be filled. According to surveys, the interest of people on wearable gadgets is waning. Most people that bought sophisticated wearable devices did not make use of them after a period of six months.

Although the software giants are promoting their products and encouraging app developers to develop innovative apps for their wearable devices, experts in IT field feel that wearable devices of today have lost sheen due to their bulky shapes and limited uses. According to them, the wearable devices have to be redesigned in a fashionable style and the app developers should go beyond the existing trends and create out of the box applications. As of now, most of the wearable devices in the market are used by connecting them via Bluetooth or WiFi to the smart mobile phones. Providing them with processors that could make the wearable devices function independent of the smartphones would also increase the usage.

However, our Innoppl’s iPhone app developers & mobile developers have predicted that in the current form wearable devices could be used to the advantage of businesses. They feel that developing proper applications for manufacturing industries would increase production drastically. The hands free technology of wearable devices can also increase the safety of the employees. Until now, our app developers in Atlanta have been developing Android and iPhone applications for diverse industrial purposes. If you are looking for innovative mobile app ideas that could boost your business, contact our mobile app consultants.

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