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iPhone Apps Sell Like Hot Cakes While Music Sales Slows Down

iPhone Apps Sell Like Hot Cakes While Music Sales Slows Down

A glance at the history of sales patterns at the iTunes will reveal you how iPhone users have been generous in spending on movies and songs. Of late, there has been a change in the trend and it seems iPhone apps are currently picking up the pace while the music sales is slowing down. According to Jackdaw Research, a popular research firm, the sale app from the category ‘Software and Services’ has gained momentum in the iTunes. Currently it is the largest revenue generating section of the iTunes.

Earlier, the largest portion of the revenue generated from iTunes was from the sales of music and movies. However, Software and Services, such as Final Cut X, Logic X, iCloud, AppleCare and the Made for iPhone program are now the biggest revenue generators. One of the major reasons for the decline of digital music revenues in iTunes is the cheaper alternative subscription streaming services like Spotify.

In spite of the content revenue drop, the first quarter of 2014 did have a good revenue growth when compared with the last quarter of 2013. The hike in income generation is a result of app sales. The trend change is a good sign for businesses that wish to have a mobile presence. With more and more iPhone users showing interest in paid mobile apps, this is the right time to launch an iOS app for your business.

While Android has the numbers on its side, iPhone users are known for their purchasing power. The best thing to grow your business and also have a strong mobile presence is developing both android and iOS app. Our mobile app consultants are the right ones to get innovative ideas and strategies to boost your business using mobile apps. Get in touch with us for your mobile app development needs.

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