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PHP vs Ruby on Rails

In today’s technology centered environment, there are often clashes between PHP and Ruby on rails programmers for their language supremacy. People should have a clear idea that PHP is a language and Ruby on rails is language over a framework. So, comparing PHP Vs Ruby on Rails wouldn’t be ideal ... Read More

Apr, 16, 2012    Nash Ogden

Joomla Vs Drupal

Joomla and Drupal are the two leading opensource content management systems developed in PHP and MYSQL. Joomla CMS is widely used for publishing and magazine sites or in some cases for e-commerce sites. Drupal on other hand is widely used for web portals in small and medium sized enterprises. Websit... Read More

Apr, 12, 2012    Nash Ogden

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How to optimize your iPad app for the Retina Display?

With the launch of New iPad which has a retina display (resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels), it provides tremendous opportunity for iPad app owners to make use of the retina display. Obviously, if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur with a iPad app or planning to develop a iPad app you have t... Read More

Apr, 05, 2012    Nash Ogden

Using PHP In Large IT Enterprises

PHP based applications in Enterprises In today’s programming world, PHP is used in equal proportions in small businesses and large corporations. PHP usage in these organizations is changing dramatically over the last decade. In 1998 PHP usage was limited only to personal sites. Later in 2003, simp... Read More

Mar, 26, 2012    Nash Ogden

Android 4.0 Vs iOS 5

Android 4.0 Vs iOS 5 Recently Android and Apple both released new operating systems for their mobile devices; Apples iOS 5 and Android 4.0, also known as “Ice Cream Sandwich”. I’ve taken the time to watch the video’s and read their sites boasting about the “new advances” and “exciting ... Read More

Mar, 21, 2012    Nash Ogden

When to write native code for your android application?

Most of the android developers face this question – When to write native code using C and C++? Answer to this question is straightforward. Unless the features of your android applications are not achievable using traditional APIs provided android framework, writing native code is not required. And... Read More

Native app vs PhoneGap app

At Innoppl Technologies, we have been doing some interesting work with PhoneGap recently. Businesses and entrepreneurs with app ideas who have been caught in the middle on which platform to develop their app first might finally have a solution. Yes instead of developing a native app for iOS (iPhone ... Read More

Feb, 16, 2012    Nash Ogden


Ruby on Rails – Why it’s a technology to really consider?

Ruby on Rails, more informally referred to as Rails, has made quite a splash in the open source tech community since its release in July of 2004. Although many wondered how durable it really is, we’re experiencing the calm and yet it is still managing to prove its endurance. Firstly, in order to u... Read More

Dec, 23, 2011    Nash Ogden


Drupal vs. SharePoint

Why there are a whole lot more articles endorsing Drupal Content Management Systems are a very useful tool for any organization making an effort to streamline processes, inform to optimize the day to day activities of all their employees. One of the most notorious products for this is Microsoft’s ... Read More

Dec, 22, 2011    Nash Ogden


Why OpenCart is the new platform of choice for e-commerce developers

Over the past couple of years, Magento and OpenCart have emerged as the frontrunners in the ecommerce platform race. Both the platforms are under active development and are adding more and more extensions every day. But between them, OpenCart seems to be gaining more popularity among developers. Mag... Read More

Dec, 15, 2011    Nash Ogden

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