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History Of Android Operating System

History Of Android Operating System

In later 2000, Symbian is the best Mobile Operating system in India. Main reason for this operating system became popular was its user friendliness. Users liked it and also had lot of features like Bluetooth, Camera, etc. So, all kind of users were ready to buy Symbian Mobile Operating system phones. Symbian mobile operating system was leading Mobile OS space for six to seven year. After, android operating system launched, Symbian Mobile operating system lost its space.

Android, Inc. was founded in United States in 2003 by Andy Rubin , Google acquired Android Inc. on 2005.After, android being acquired by Google, Android operating system had many new features. Google launched first Android Operating system in mobile phone named as Google mobile, but this version of mobile was not successful. Again Google re-engineered android operating system. After a year, Google launched android operation launched in HTC mobile, this version was successful.

After, Google launched its stable version of android operating system; users slowly migrated to android operating system. Google introduced OHA (Open handset alliance) with member like Sony, Samsung , HTC, etc.

Android operating systems have lot of feature. Some of the features are,

  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Near filed communication.
  • Push notification.
  • GPS
  • Email setting, etc.

Play store, an Application store for android mobiles has been launched by Google. Play store hosts around 500 thousand applications. Some of the best application in android operating system are,

  • Email
  • Google Map
  • Navigation
  • Google Browser etc..

Since, it is attraction of low price, people love android mobiles. It is not a distance future to have android operating system in all mobiles. By the effects of booming in Android OS and Android Mobiles, Many companies are in the progress of Android app development, especially in India. By these change in company approach, there’s a huge openings are available for expertise Android App Developers in India and all over the world..

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