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Typography – Art Of Web Design

Typography – Art Of Web Design

Typography is an art of web design. It is most important than any other element in the website. Fonts used, size of fonts, color, spacing between words and line height are the terms of Typography. Website stands not on the good design but it does on the content, so the content should be eye-friendly font face to make content more clear and pleased. Size of the font should not be either too small or too big; it should be consistent throughout the website. User may not think what font is used in the page, so if it is readable and that’s often good enough.

If i use a more high quality images than the content, it attracts the visitors, do u think that’s enough for the website? No, I’m not building any site to attract the visitors visually. Purpose of my website is to convey the content with a proper styles, fonts, sizes, color, alignment everything matters to a please the visitors who actually needs something from our website.

In general, Most of designers think that there is a necessary to use big fonts to differentiate the title of the content or important features in that page. It’s not the only way to draw the attention of the viewers, we can use the same size of fonts for the headings , applying font weights or letter spacing through CSS, Importantly the letter spacing between the characters should not be more than 2px, it gives more meaning. Content of the website should standout in website than other elements.

Line height of content should not be clumsy or too spacious; it should be normal, Bad leading ruins the good content of the website. Color of fonts should be contrast to the background, while the content is the important part of website, it should stand out over the other elements of the website. It is necessary to carry out the typography throughout the site consistently.

Use of google fonts in professional website development is on upward trend, generally these google fonts are hosted in google server. It is also known as Custom typography. The web master has to embed the code from google font directory and little css work make these fonts available in your website. There may be a question why we have to use the google fonts than using the usual fonts which are associated with css and html? Google fonts gives an impressive look, it has most popular fonts including Droid Sans, open sans which seen in most of the websites., Use of google fonts gives more advantage, these fonts are scalable in size, search compactible, it made available in html,html 5, css, css5., cross browser compactible, drop shadows, rotations and so on. I’m using googlewebfonts in my most of my websites designed so far, I experienced huge impact in optimizing my websites.Instantly, proper layout is highly recommended to boost the content of website. Proper layout is carried out with the grid system, which will be discussed in my next article.

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