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Gantry Framework

Gantry Framework

Designing of website from Photoshop will never fade out. When it comes to html conversion, there will be a fall back in number of designers and developers involve in future. There are numerous cms and frameworks to build a website with the help of advanced functions as plugins and modules. In this post,’ll tell you, how gantry framework plays a huge role in developing theme in WordPress.

As I am engaged in developing websites and themes in wordpress, when i get to know about Gantry Framework. I started exploring things around gantry framework; i was surprised to see a (gantry) framework in another (wordpress) framework. This helps in building websites in style. WordPress developers and users already aware about the availability of free and paid themes in market to make customization as needed for them. But every theme is limited to some functionality and it’s not flexible, so the theme users have to convince themselves to use the availability in most of the cases.

Gantry is built with grid system, it holds unique features such as presets, gizmos, overrides, layout control for each and every page, post. Most of the themes have limited widgets we have to create a template.php and define the structure of the page, etc., but in gantry we can create those things in wordpress admin backend itself with the help of robust admin panel to create a desired layout. This framework includes set of predefined layouts as presets. So it’s easy to try out all possible layouts and assign to the pages or templates or posts.

There will be a usually 2-6 number of widgets in normal themes such as sidebar, header and footer. These widgets are normally seen in every theme. But in gantry it holds as many as 65 widgets interesting picks in these widgets are top sliding panel, showcase, feature, rotator and main bottom. Widgets in gantry can be used in particular page or all the pages. It also includes analytics widgets where we used to enter the google analytics code, Gantry will take these codes in the head tag without any manual coding.

In the below picture shows the availability of widgets in the gantry framework,

Built in gantry widget contents are gantry menu, rokajax search, gantry mobile menu,etc.

In gantry framework it includes four set of predefined styles as presets in default. So we can use the pick the desired presets simply by clicking it also we can a custom styles and save as presets for future use.

Most of sites, needs a separate design to make mobile compactible, but in gantry there are some widgets to customize the mobile site from wordpress admin panel itself without making any changes without affecting the live site, so it is possible to outcast the sites in mobile in a different look.

These mentioned features in gantry are user friendly suitable for wordpress beginner’s. For advanced wordpress developers can make gantry more compatible with help of custom codes of php, jquery to add features as sliders, template module, etc.

There are some other frameworks with limited features to build wordpress theme, but kept as shareware. Beauty of gantry framework is Opensource.

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