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Dec 29, 2012, Posted by: Nash Ogden


IOS 6 has few interesting new UI controls to make application development easier.

iOS 6 Features - A Developer Prespective

1. UI RefreshControl:

UIRefreshControl module is employed to refresh the data in tableview. This feature would be handy, if you want to refresh the tableview and reload with a new array of data.

2. UICollectionView:

To view images in a single view instead of grid, this module would be helpful in achieving it. UICollectionView is similar to UITableView, which is used for grid views.

3. Social Framework:

Social integrations can be done in a simple step. SDKs for facebook, twitter are already integrated.

4. Animation:

IOS 6 development kit has basic level of animation modules like image rotation and other simple actions.

5. Pass Kit Framework:

No more hardcopy tickets, it is going to be passbook everywhere. A key feature of IOS 6 is passbook, it allows users to purchase and store tickets and passes. Following are basic storable document types in Passkit

  1. Boarding Passes
  2. Event Tickets
  3. Retail Coupons
  4. Store Cards
  5. New UIKit Theming Options

In IOS 5 many key features for UI controls were introducted, it has been take one step further for IOS6. All basic modules in UIKit like UIPopoverBackgroundView, UIStepper, UISwitch, UINavigationBar, UITabBar, UIToolBar, UIBarButtonItem, and UIPageControl have received additional methods or properties related to interface control.