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Why the demand for field services app is increasing by the day

Why the demand for field services app is increasing by the day

Almost every business, today, is striving to have its own mobile app. While the love for smart mobile devices among people have literally made it an integral part of today’s lifestyle, businesses are looking to ride on the wave to achieve their goals. Among the various types of mobile apps available in the market, field services mobile app is gaining much attention from diverse businesses. Businesses that require its personnel to perform tasks outside their premises often find mobile apps very useful. Some of the popular industries that have already started utilizing the mobile app revolution to their advantage include banks, insurance companies, automobiles, retail stores, and the healthcare industry.

Field services app can come handy in collecting crucial business data as well as retrieving essential marketing data while the field service employees are at work. Generally field services apps consist of mobile forms, ebrochures, video tutorials, and communication facilities. However, not all field services apps require all of the above features and a few may not need more that few simple forms for data collection. A glance at the needs of various business requirements will enlighten you on the benevolence of field services mobile apps. Here, we analyze two popular industries, namely automobile and insurance companies.

Take for example an automobile garage where hundreds of vehicles are managed every day. The inspection technician uses paper forms to fill in the details of the vehicle and the complaints as stated by the owner. The data are then entered into a system to be sent to the mechanics assigned to the job. Mobile apps can conveniently replace the paper forms and empower the inspection technicians to gather information at a faster pace. The technician can even take photos of the vehicles or scan the VIN number using his mobile device to get the details in an instant. The need for a data entry operator is also eliminated and the mechanic assigned for the job can get all of the details of the vehicle on his mobile device. The information can be used for billing without any ambiguity. Had you noticed the amount of time, energy and labor saved, you would understand the power of field services app.

Insurance companies have a variety of field staff to perform various tasks ranging from marketing to follow ups, and claim verifications among others. While marketing staff carry loads of brochures and pamphlets to market the products of the company, agents that are sent to follow up existing customers would need instant information, such as address of the customer, policy end date, and premiums to be paid among others. Claims verification agents, on the other hand, might need to retrieve application forms submitted by the customers, or take photos of the vehicles or calculate the value of the property on the spot and get the customer’s signature after evaluation. All of the above requirements, including scanner and calculator can be included in the field services mobile app making the job very convenient for the field staff.

The conventional methods of using paper forms could make every one of the above process very cumbersome. It might even take a few days for the customers to get a suitable reply from the insurance company. On the other hand, utilizing mobile apps to complete these tasks will reduce the carbon footprint of the company, reduce the expenses on salary, increase the efficiency of the field staff, and provide quick service to the customers.

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