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Principles For Creating Flabbergasting App Interface

Principles For Creating Flabbergasting App Interface

Any review on mobile apps would start with the user interface. Even the mobile operators and the app stores dictate on how the interface of an app should be. There’s nothing to get annoyed, but there’s so much to learn from them.

Attractive and intelligible user interface is the crown of a mobile app. Even the most innovative app can end up as a failure, if the interface is unattractive and complicated. Observing the behavioral patterns of end users can provide you with excellent ideas of how to design the interface that could make app users comfortable.


Aesthetics play a major role in the human interface. When it comes to designing interfaces for mobile apps, aesthetics should complement the functionality. It doesn’t mean being beautiful, but it’s all about creating a positive wave in the users’ mind. While it is possible to decorate gaming apps, the aesthetics of an app designed for production lies in the clarity of the interface.


Consistency in interface is one aspect that encourages people to switch over from one app to the other. It is wise to take advantage of the standards and paradigms in vogue and create an app that makes users feel at home than opting for out-of-the-box designs that could make things complicated for the user. Simply adhering to the standards set by the mobile operators is the easiest way to ensure consistency of the app.


One other way of creating enticing interface is the use of direct manipulation technique. This technique engages users like no other. For example, avoiding use of separate controls, and creating multi-touch interface that enables users to directly manipulate objects on screen is the way to win the hearts of users. Good examples include functionalities activated by swiping, pinching or rotating the on-screen objects.

Information About Processing

Often people get confused when the processing goes on for an extended period of time. Providing information on the status at frequent intervals for lengthy processes is the way to assure users that nothing is wrong with the app. Highlighting controls or showing elapsed time are some of the techniques that keep the users engaged while the processing occurs.

While these are only a few of the suggestions drawn from the experience of popular app developers, brainstorming on the topic can provide you with more innovative ideas in developing intelligible interfaces for mobile apps.

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