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Design Considerations For Android App Development

Design Considerations For Android App Development

The Android mobile platform is hailed for its flexibility. It offers mobile app developers to exercise their creativity without bounds. However, many of the android apps out there in the app stores are drab. One of the reasons for the lackluster mobile apps in the android app stores is lack of knowledge and enthusiasm among android app developers. Focusing on some of the elements given below will breathe life into the android mobile apps.

It is true that features and functionalities are the deciding aspects of the quality of an android app. However, visual design too has a great impact on the quality of the app. Having a clear idea of UI patterns, and presenting aesthetically pleasing designs can make the app lively. Since the android devices come with many screen densities it is important to optimize the graphics accordingly.

Fonts in the app do add value to the design. While it is all right to use either of the Android fonts Droid Sans and Roboto, you can also use any font in TTF format that could escalate the visual appearance of the app.

Colors play an important role in making the app design elegant. Doing a research on the target audiences and their preferences would enable you to choose the right combination of colors. The right combination of colors not only adds aesthetic value for the app, but it can also have an impact on the decision making capabilities of the app user.

Intuitive navigation is one other important aspect to be considered in app design. If simplicity is the key to success of an app, then navigation is the key to simplicity. Two highly popular navigation styles include the Dashboard and Ribbon menu. Often developers make the mistake of avoiding recognized UI design patterns in order to make the app more appealing. In fact, sticking to the recognized patterns is the way to create an appealing app design.

These are just a handful of tips to develop attractive mobile apps. If you have more to share, we would appreciate if you could add them as comments.

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