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Push Notifications Vs In-app Messages

Push Notifications Vs In-app Messages

Gone are the days of generic marketing, today all marketing campaigns have a personal touch in them. Unless marketing is tailored for individual customers, it is very difficult to woo them. The debut of mobile app development has made it easy for the businesses to personalize their marketing moves. Since individuals do not share their mobile device with others, it gives an opportunity to study the behavioral patterns of the individual and promote products and services accordingly. According to mCommerce marketing experts, both push notifications and in-app messages are good when it comes to gaining the attention of the users. They say it is wise to combine both in order to get the best results. However, it is important to know how they work in order to use them effectively.

Push notifications

Push notification is one of the most favorite tools of marketers. First of all, push notification makes it is easy to carry out the marketing in a personalized manner. Secondly the message is delivered right on to the home screen of the user gaining all the attention of the user irrespective of the mobile phone usage. The trick of providing the right content at the right time to the right person can be successfully implemented with push notifications. Push notifications also have the power to remind the latent user about your business. However, marketers should be careful about content and frequency of push notifications. Push notification in the hands of naïve marketers can do more harm than good. Annoying messages would even result in uninstalling of the app.

In-app messages

Unlike push notifications that pop out on to the home screen, in app messages are displayed when the app is being used by the customer. Nothing could me more powerful than wooing the customer at the right mood. In app messages prolong the app usage and ensure that the user performs an action. Since in app messages are highly contextual, it is easy to generate and dispense content that are more powerful than those in push notifications. It is easy to draft in app messages that resemble as if they are the integral part of the app while having a dramatic marketing effect.

To achieve success in mobile marketing, one has use the combination of push notifications and in-app messages in wise and timely manner. If you have better marketing strategies, and if you would like to expose them to the world, feel free to post your ideas as comments.

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