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Smarty Ring A Wearable Gadget That Adds Value To Smartphones

Smarty Ring A Wearable Gadget That Adds Value To Smartphones

Of late, the mobile world has been witnessing a wide range of wearable devices making their debut in the market. Apart from the traditional Bluetooth devices, new concepts, such as Google Glass and iWatch among others have been fascinating the mobile users. One other addition to this list is the Smarty Ring. Do not mistake Smarty Ring for a piece of jewelry; it is actually a wonder gadget that can add value to your smart mobile phones. According to the proposers of the project, the Smarty Ring will enable smart mobile phone users to manage various operations of the smartphone including viewing alerts and incoming calls.

Smarty Ring comes along with an intuitive mobile app that will enable users to manage settings. The latest gadget in the mobile arena can also serve as a watch, timer and help users find their misplaced smartphones. The ring is also capable of alerting the user if the user moves more than thirty feet from his smartphone. Although today’s smartphone users cling to their devices all the time, forgetfulness is not uncommon in the stressful lifestyle of modern times.

According to a reliable survey, it seems on average smartphone users look at their phones up to 150 times a day to check updates, messages, and to attend incoming calls. Smarty Ring would eliminate the need of reaching out to the mobile phone to check for new messages or updates or even reject unwanted incoming calls.

The ring itself is made up of high quality stainless steel with colorful led display on it. It comes with 24-hour battery that can be recharged on the specially designed recharging unit. The unit is completely waterproof and can be worn even while swimming.

The designers of the Smarty Ring claim that the ring will be compatible with both android and iOS mobile devices that have Bluetooth 4.0. However, it is surprising that the proposed project which is being funded through crowd sourcing has not been able to gather momentum to the expected levels.

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