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AndroidPIT App Center Announces Closure

AndroidPIT App Center Announces Closure

AndroidPIT – considered to be one of the best alternative Android markets has announced its closure owing to the new European trade laws. The AndroidPIT, in its announcement has reasoned the closure as a step justified towards the new EU tax law which will require the App Center to undergo some major development works. Also, AndroidPIT opines, with Google Play being the principle source for app downloads and with third party app stores becoming less sought after, focusing on the developmental efforts of adding new app discovery features as a sensible move.

However, AndroidPIT has promised to get back with a new app discovery tool to help consumers find the best apps. This service will be available to those who hold the latest version on the AndroidPIT app. The recently launched app profile pages with holds all the app info; reviews, testimonials and more will be available.

For the users who had purchased apps from the site – you can re-download them until 31st December 2014 only; post which the app developers have to be contacted. The site will be sending emails to their consumers intimating the closure.

For developers – the app profiles will remain active and could be claimed, however, app downloads and purchases are not available. The license codes will be deleted on 1st January, 2015.

It is reported that the EU regulators have made a few requests (raised concerns) with regards the in-app purchases and have advised the developers to develop business models in adherence to the EU laws and protecting the consumers against misleading costs. It is said that the EU had received large number of complaints and advised Google and Apple to re-label their free app purchases.

For the uninitiated, AndroidPIT, launched in the year 2009, was the first app store where consumers can purchase their apps without a credit card; and offered a 24-hour return policy on paid-apps. It is no surprise the store had a successful run with 50 million apps downloaded.

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