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We have a new website!

We launched in 2009 and, thanks to the site, we’ve come a long way – Helping customers and growing the business. It’s the first touchpoint where clients get to know us, so we respect and adore it.

We’ve had a couple of minor makeovers from when the site was initially launched, but this revamp is super important because we’ve added a lot of unique features. This update was decided after a lot of heated discussion. Sadly, we got a little too comfortable with the sites performance and didn’t focus as much on the bigger digital picture. That’s why we decided we needed a revamp… Soon!

What’s Different In The New Site

With the first look, it’s a clean website with easy access to all of our mobile and open source content. It has a refreshing look and feel to it. The website load time was always an issue with the previous versions, but our developers have brought it down drastically with this new update. Apart from that, we have added plenty of user-friendly features to easily enhance content visibility and information accessibility. Our business value and process is also better explained with emphasis on the round-the-clock customer service.

What We Hope To Achieve With The Revamp

The website redesign and menu options were finalized after careful analysis of how users navigate our site. Also, we have done intense research on how different kinds of content are perceived by users, to craft the website’s information.

By curating the power of analytics, we think we’ve nailed down a great design for easy access to content and mobile app strategies.

We are confident that our new site will allow us to better serve our customers with fresh ideas, guides, infographics, case studies and more.

We have also taken an oath to frequently update our site to adapt to the latest trends. It’s one way we can showcase our talent, while at the same time, helping our clients stay up-to-date with mobile and website trends.

How It Helps Decision Makers

The site navigation narrates a story by itself, in its own charming way. Our renewed industry pages are refined and to-the-point, to help decision makers understand how Innoppl can simplify their work process efficiently. The website is also designed in such a way that it helps us grow and reach out to the right target audience.

It’s no longer an excuse to get caught up with our busy schedule and to forget our parent website that has helped us achieve a tremendous growth in a short span of time. The revamped site will helps us build a stronger relationship with clients and create content revolving around industry-specific needs. We aim to become one of the best knowledge hubs for all industry related information and updates to keep clients actively involved in our website.

Here’s to a new website, mobile app development and many more happy customers!

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