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Top 12 Outdated Website Trends To Overcome In 2015

Websites are a representative medium where clients get to know about you and your services. Most websites have been around for many years without making any core changes to their functionality or design. This is a major blunder, which needs to be resolved immediately. Website trends change every yea... Read More

Check If Your Website Has These 6 Mistakes

Much has been spoken about the design, navigation, theme, content layout and others of a website. Is that all you should think about? Absolutely not. There are other vital elements that serve as a serious indicator of the maturity with which your website was made crafted. We’ve been doing website ... Read More

Apr, 09, 2015    Nash Ogden

Apple Watch – What to expect on April 24th

It has been a perfect countdown for the big day – March 9th, 2015; yet the ultimate big day is the day when the Apple Watch adorns the wrists of its customers. And that day is April 24th, 2015. The real buzz will begin when the consumer wear them and voice their opinions, that is when the Apple Sm... Read More

Mar, 16, 2015    Nash Ogden

Android Fares Slightly Better Than iOS In App Crash Rates

The Android vs iOS war extends to the app crash rates. With reports of Apple gaining grounds in the US in terms of activations and sales, Android gains on iOS on the app crash rates. The report is based on 20,000 apps and reveals how the different segmentations of the two operating systems fare. Cri... Read More

6 Misconceptions CEOs Have About Web Development

In this fast paced and competitive business world, every entrepreneur understands the need for an active, impressive and easy to access website that proves to be the gateway to a profitable business. Web design and website development services are in constant demand. The CEOs of many companies burn ... Read More

Feb, 20, 2015    Nash Ogden

Healthcare Web Design Trends in 2015 to Watch Out

Gone are the days when the healthcare field hardly cared about having a presence on the web. Now, with 75% of people choosing to browse the internet to research healthcare practices and reading reviews, it is now an unavoidable essential. If you’re in healthcare and you’re planning on a website ... Read More

Four Easy Steps to Develop a Mobile App

Every mobile app developers’ objective is to develop a user friendly, out of the box app that is an instant hit. Everyone dreams of media adulation and a top spot in the popular App stores, while also desiring the app to benefit the target audience. You could be a mobile app developer wanting to d... Read More

Feb, 04, 2015    Nash Ogden

7 Web Design Trends for 2015

If you are on the verge of planning a website for your business or revamping one, then you gotta read these trends. Responsive design for mobile-readiness Expect to see great innovation in the responsive website design arena with emphasis on the mobile-friendly sites. With the ever rising numbers of... Read More

Mobile Application Vs Mobile Website

Wondering which will be the best fit between a mobile app and mobile website or have both? Here’s an infographics to help you weigh the best option for your business.... Read More

AndroidPIT App Center Announces Closure

AndroidPIT – considered to be one of the best alternative Android markets has announced its closure owing to the new European trade laws. The AndroidPIT, in its announcement has reasoned the closure as a step justified towards the new EU tax law which will require the App Center to undergo some ma... Read More

Nov, 27, 2014    Nash Ogden

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