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Are We Heading To A Multi-dimensional Entertainment Platform?

Are We Heading To A Multi-dimensional Entertainment Platform?

Every passing day witnesses the gradual evolution of technology, especially in the entertainment field. Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues, collect the passes to popular shows/concerts and even get disappointed for not being able to make it. Above all, you would have started to plan way in advance to see your favorite Michael Jackson or Madonna concert. Back in the day, having a source of entertainment was way too complicated. Nothing was easy.

That’s not the case anymore! With mobile apps, anything, anytime, anywhere is possible. So, how will the entertainment world shape our day to day lives in the future? And what should we look forward to from the industry?

Entertainment Apps – From The Time You Wake Up Until You Sleep

From the time you’re up from your bed until you fall asleep, entertainment apps play a big role in your life. Feel bored? Why not watch a movie, listen to a song, check the weather of the day, see the game scores, latest news, and shop online? In fact, the average time people spend on mobile apps has increased by 21%.Entertainment apps hold 76% of app usage. According to Nielson, the gaming and music sub category saw the rise of 115 million and 112 million users respectively. The report also states that entertainment apps were the reason for the overall increase of mobile app users.

Experiencing Music And Video Like Never Before

The birth of Spotify, Hulu, Netflix and Livestream have increased the importance and relevance to adapt the music world to the fast pace of technology. Spotify, from being a basic catalog of songs and albums, has managed to climb up and bring a wider trend in the music field. Having free, ad-supported access to millions of songs on your mobile and taking them anywhere you gohas become a new reality.

With the current trend of music streaming, creating your own playlists and curating music sessions, the future of music isn’t hard to guess.

Cable Cords Becoming A Distant Memory

With millions of Americans giving up on traditional cable television, the television industry is in a rush to catch up with technology. Top service providers are targeting only households that have given up on cable cords. As part of this digitization in the television industry, the services launching this year – HBO Now, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue, among others are finally bringing an end to cable TV.

Apple TV and Google TV are other examples in this revolution. The ultimate aim is to provide the users the ability to stream media from the respective provider’s device seamlessly to their TV.

Also, Google’s Chromecast allows you to view all your media content on the big screen. Now with apps making your lives easier, it’s possible to integrate Chromecast to your Android/iPhone apps. Outside TV has made amazing response through its Chromecast integration. Users can now control their outdoor activities seamlessly.

So, What’s The Future Of Entertainment Industry?

The future definitely holds so much more for entertainment. According to Google, 77% are using another device at the same time when engaging in a show, a media phenomenon known as second screen behavior. Based on this, it’s found that the content viewed on one device can trigger a different behavior on the other device. Hence, this is helping industries to concentrate on more than one platform to increase conversion rates. This new multi-screen behavior is paving way for the new era of multi-dimensional entertainment platforms.

Multi-dimensional or second screen behavior is creating a platform where audiences can be involved in their favorite movies, television show or games. To start with, Defiance is combining video gaming and television. Similarly, the movie industry is adapting the same concept in letting the audience experience movies more realistically.

Going forward, this platform is sure to create a sensation. Media and entertainment companies need to ensure they participate actively in such platforms in the future. After all, the real challenge is in creating a successful culture of innovation, where companies are engaging users in their entertainment interests anytime, anywhere.


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