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Is Your Website REALLY Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website REALLY Mobile Friendly?

The first website was launched around twenty five years ago. After 2 years they were only 14 million internet users. The internet and computers have influenced businesses in ways never imagined.

And now, welcome to the smartphone era. Studies show that 80% of all internet users own a smartphone, which means everyone’s on mobile. Moreover, mobile usage is said to grow by 58% year over year.

Is there a better reason why you need to think and go mobile?

If you still haven’t switched to a responsive website, here’s why we know that a mobile friendly site needs to be the face of your business in 2016.

1. Because Most Of The Traffic Comes From Mobile

What’s the point in owning a website when it doesn’t drive traffic? You wouldn’t want to even try to make it grow.

According to KPCB US and global trends 2015 report, time spent by users on mobile has considerably risen to 51% compared to 42% on desktop. This means that with at least two trillion searches on Google every passing year, over half of those searches come from mobile. On a similar note, when a user tries to search for your website and doesn’t find it on his smartphone, it means that you aren’t harnessing your site’s traffic effectively. End of the day, you’re losing sales and potential customers.

If you want to engage and convert the main demographic who are responsible for driving maximum traffic, then optimizing your website for mobile is clearly the right option.

2. Customers Love Increased User Experience

When you decide to go mobile, you’re providing a much better experience to your users. How?

A user prefers mobile over her laptop to browse a product because it’s convenient and saves lot of time.  Users have a chance to visit and explore their favorite sites, read and shop anytime and on any device. With a mobile optimized website, you are providing them a seamless experience with easy navigation, fast loading pages and great content. Make sure you don’t compromiseon any functionality compared to your desktop website, so that visitors don’t leave your site too soon.

By providing people with a personalized user experience, you create loyal customers who want to stick to you because they find you credible, reliable and well, useful.

3. You Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Remember, your customers aren’t the only ones who love mobile. You have your competitors who are quite aware of the needin keeping up to the latest trends of technology and doing business by studying the user behavior. You don’t want your customer to choose your competitor over you.

According to a survey by Clutch, only 56% of all websites are responsive. This means that there’s a good chance for you stay way ahead of your competitors, as probably almost half of your competitors don’t have a mobile friendly site.

Also, if you have an eCommerce website, you’re risking more than other businesses by not opting to go mobile because. Why? Well, nearly 67% of customers want to buy products from a mobile friendly site and more than two billion mobile users will make a mCommerce transaction by 2017.

Hence, in order to survive in such a competitive online ecosystem, optimizing your site for mobile and doing it the right way can help you gain an edge.

4. Harness The Power Of Social Media Through Mobile

Be it establishing your brand, engaging with your customers, building more customers and strengthening your customer relationship, advertising or even conducting surveys, social media is king.

According to HubSpot, 80% of marketers agreed that social media efforts increased their traffic. Interestingly, around the same percentage of social media time is spent by users on mobile devices.

As social media continues to grow rapidly, a non-responsive site can disappoint and frustrate your customers. It will also waste your investment on paid ads, hurt your company’s reputation and brand image, as users are continuously involved and engaged on social media. A negative experience can have a much greater impact than you think.

The best part is that you can harness the power of social media by targeting your mobile users.You get to know more about your customers’ demands and interests and tailor your products to suit their needs.

5. Lastly, You Should Do It Because Google Loves It

Like it or not, you got to please Google to rank well in SEO. Last year came the announcement that Google is tweaking its algorithm to allow mobile friendly sites to rank higher and will penalize those that aren’t responsive or mobile friendly. This is one of the most significant changes from Google which came into effect due to the strong demographic of mobile users.

Take Google’s mobile friendly test your site to know the extent of your site’s responsiveness. If you fail, then don’t think twice. You need to work on building a mobile friendly site as your highest priority!

Want to know if your website is REALLY mobile friendly? Use our tool below!
Note: The tool works for HTTPS Sites Only!

PS: If you’re looking to build mobile friendly site, get it done the right way. Our web developers in Atlanta are pioneers in building amazing mobile friendly sites and helping you stay ahead of the curve.


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