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It’s Raining Infographics!

It’s Raining Infographics!

They are fun, educative and inspiring. Who doesn’t love ‘em!

So, we decided to stimulate our creative juices and torture the daylights out of our designers in Atlanta, to build these amazing web design infographics.

What is our (awesome) infographic all about, you ask?

We have all these pretty, intuitive websites, that are carefully crafted after months of analysis. If you are an inquisitive soul like me, then you would have definitely wondered where it all started. Right?

For starters, the world of the internet is relatively new, relative to traditional marketing platforms. But, it has made a significant impact on how people see marketing now.

My research on the web design revolution showed me one clear fact:

The internet, and websites as we know them, are the result of one big chaotic event after the other.

First, it was Windows Vs Netscape, where Netscape ended up making their entire code open source in answer to Windows. This led to the birth of better browsers that adapt to richer media content. Then, it was the DotCom bubble, where the stock crash led to the need of innovative and well-designed websites.

Once we understand the roots, it’s easy to see how important web design is, and how to create the perfect website that is evergreen and produces maximum ROI.


Find Our Infographic On Web Design History


On that same note, are you wondering how well your website relates to your users or if your expensive marketing campaigns are performing as well as they should?

Our infographics will help you determine whether your web design is high on user experience, and how well it relates to your end users.


Find Our Infographic On Website Makeover


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