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How To Tell When Your Website Needs A Complete Makeover [Infographic]

How To Tell When Your Website Needs A Complete Makeover

Every year, web experts come up with a list of new design trends that promise to make your site look and feel better. But the truth is, your website doesn’t need a complete makeover if it produces the desired business results.

The basic rule of thumb: To have a productive website, it’s not enough that you have a pretty UI. It’s much more important that your website have an excellent UX.

A proper gap analysis is necessary to discover and tie these loose ends. To help you, our Atlanta web design team created an inforgraphic to shed light on all the required areas you need to look at for your website.

You should view this infographic if you’re a:

  1. Webmaster looking to improve ROI
  2. Marketer looking to improve leads and conversion rates
  3. Website owner who have redesign in their mind
  4. Or, if you love pretty looking infographics!


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