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The Future Of Mobile Ads – How To Successfully Target Users

The Future Of Mobile Ads – How To Successfully Target Users

Mobile advertising is on an upward trend. Research from eMarketer shows that in 2015, digital spend for mobile almost equals desktop spends and, in 2019, it’s predicted that mobile ad spends will increase vastly and account to 40% more than desktop ads. With more advertisers migrating from the desktop platform, it’s crucial to understand how to invest in ads that yield great ROI.

Challenges In Mobile Ads Over Desktop Ads

Desktop ads have been around for over a decade and measuring ad returns and predicting the placements have proven results. There are lots of tools readily available that help in measuring these parameters and assist in investing in the right ad mechanism. But, mobile ads are a fairly new concept which leaves a lot to be desired. Marketers find it difficult to predict end users and their needs to place effective ads that provide a good ROI.

How To Analyze Mobile Market Trends

There are two different trends that help marketers understand their users a little better.

  • Programmatic Buying
  • Programmatic Buying is the use of third party software to automate your ad purchase. Marketers can set different parameters to their requirements and make automated purchase of ad space and impressions. This helps in the regular featuring of your ads once a budget is set. It saves a lot of time spent in the boardroom breaking your head over where to display your ads and how to gain reach. Digital campaigns through Programmatic Buying have shown better results as it targets real time users.

  • Contextual Awareness

Users can be defined by their smartphone usage – smartphone logs can keep track of where the users travel, which restaurants they eat, where they go on vacation, how long they spend time on mobile apps, what websites they visit, etc. Marketers can make use of such information to attract users, but implementation is still difficult. We have a huge database of information but how we process that data to send out targeted ads is the difficult part.

Programmatic Buying is a process which helps in getting maximum visibility but it does not ensure any click-through rate or ROI. Similarly, Contextual Awareness is another concept which helps in gathering a lot of user information, but how well we curate the information and target users with the right advertisement is still a mystery. Marketers can target native users by sending push notifications to the selected few in the area, but still it might be invasive and all these marketing tactics are subjective. The reach might not be as enormous and exact ROI cannot be predicted.

Native Advertisement Through Social Media

Native Advertising is a concept where users in a certain region are targeted to sell a particular product or service. Social media is the right place to target native users as the segmentations are clearly defined. Now that more people access social media sites through their smart devices, the imminent shift to the mobile ad is clearly recognized.

Top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram include content based native ads in their app amongst other feeds. This achieves more brand recognition and attracts attention when compared to the usual banner ads. These native ads are purely content-based and users are more than ready to access them, leading to higher purchase intent. Facebook mobile ads and Twitter’s promoted tweets comprise of over 80% ad revenues amongst all social media apps.

Benefits Of Online Video Advertising

There is nothing more effective than having a viral video associated with your brand. Coco Cola has done it, Pepsi has done it and the whole wide world is trying to get something viral to get their brand out there. Stressing on the importance of Videos for brand empowerment, advertising on video platform is an essential way to reach out to the maximum number of users.

Native Video Advertising

Facebook took over Liverail and Google acquired YouTube. The two giants understood the importance of videos in the future of marketing. YouTube has the record of 162 million unique users worldwide and each user watchers more than one video. The billions of video views every day makes for a billion dollar advertising revenue. Advertising on YouTube gives the brand the ability to reach out to native as well as global users. Recently, YouTube has started the concept of letting users shop through their advertisements. Pick the video that highlights your product or service and let users buy your product directly through the video. This particular marketing pitch will definitely take impulse purchase to a whole new level.

These kinds of native marketing techniques will enforce maximum ROI when clear market ad placement strategies are laid out.

Want To Earn Regular Income Through Mobile In-App Advertising?

Having a successful app can reap benefits in more than one way. In-app advertisements provide a regular income for patient app owners. Ad placements matters as much as choosing the right medium or platform to advertise. When opting for in-app advertisement, the ad should not be placed near the button where users can accidentally click. As a rule, advertisements are appreciated when they are placed at regular intervals between transitional pages. Users should always be given an option to close the ad, as invasive ads are not perceived well by users. It is also important to display good quality advertisements with clear message. Interactive advertisements and videos have proven results when compared to common banner or display ads.

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