Wallaroo Hats

Project Details

ClientWallaroo Hats
DateJanuary 2015

Project Description

The Wallaroo Hat Company has been making incredible hats since 1999. These one of a kind hats have ultraviolet ray protection, unique design and are also crushable to carry them wherever you go. We created an iOS app which showcases all their wholesale products with complete specifications. The app was designed with wholesalers in mind – Thus, we created an “eCommerce app” where all required details are mentioned on the product page. We incorporated an advanced predictive search functionality to make product search relevant. Similarly, wholesalers can filter the products for women, men or children and also further shortlist in terms of colors and patterns – Allowing for a seamless search process and quick purchasing decision. The app works offline to help the sales person showcase products without internet connectivity.

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Wallaroo Hats
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