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A Big Week For Mobile Trends

A Big Week For Mobile Trends

All big players have big news this week. You simply don’t want to miss out on these updates on Apple’s big summer conference to Google’s Android M. Find all you need to know now!

Apple Rolls Out Invitation For WWDC Along With A Schedule App

In April, Apple had announced WWDC will be held on June 8th. This week they started sending out invites to the press along with their app specially designed for the event. Check out the app here to know more about the schedules and events organized for the conference. This event will highlight the future plans for Apple for the year of 2015-2016.

Google’s Android M – What Does M Stand For?

The next major OS update talks are out and we know it’s called Android M. All Android updates were named after some desserts or another, and the major talk of the town is – What does M stand for? Milkshake or Meringue, I’m sure we are all eager to know!

iOS 9 Brings Proactive To Take On Google Now

With Google and Microsoft succeeding with intelligent assistance based on user data, it’s expected that Apple would soon bring in their own product. And it has. Proactive by Apple will respect user’s privacy preferences and work along with Siri to provide user interest information. We just have to wait till June 8th to get more in-depth knowledge on Proactive and its functionalities.

Blockbuster Pizza Box From Pizza Hut

It’s craft time for Pizza Hut marketers. Their latest crazy idea is to create a pizza box projector with a lens that magnifies your smart devices screen. Dial for a pizza and it’s delivered with the lens mounted on the stand, set it up and enjoy your pizza. The only problem is the low quality video, but still when executed with the right videos, it is bound to be a hit.

Inspirations lead to ideas – Got an idea for a killer app? Give us a call now!

Xiaomi To Launch An Online Store On June 1st,2015

Xiaomi announced the news on their online store earlier this year and have finalized a date. It will be released on 1st June in the US followed by their European stores on June 2nd. The store is currently displaying the product but the ‘Buy’ option becomes live only on the launch date. On the said launch date, only their accessories are on sale, like their Headphones for $85, fitness bands for $15, etc. Their smart phones and tablets are expected to go on sale soon.

Is Twitter Looking To Acquire Flipboard?

There has been recent speculation on Twitter’s interest over Flipboard. It’s a known fact that Twitter has taken over plenty of services to benefit their micro blogging site and gain more user base. Flipboard is a magazine-style news app with over a 100 million user-base. It’s unclear why Twitter would be interested in Flipboard, it maybe their ad platform, user base or to bring McCue’s brains in to their company. We will soon find out more in detail!

It has been a busy week in the Mobile World. Next week we are sure to have more information on Apple’s WWDC. Do check in and find all you need to know!

Inspirations lead to ideas – Got an idea for a killer app? Give us a call now!

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