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Android Fares Slightly Better Than iOS In App Crash Rates

Android Fares Slightly Better Than iOS In App Crash Rates

The Android vs iOS war extends to the app crash rates. With reports of Apple gaining grounds in the US in terms of activations and sales, Android gains on iOS on the app crash rates.

The report is based on 20,000 apps and reveals how the different segmentations of the two operating systems fare.

Crittercism reported Apple to have a 0.2% higher app crash rate than Android.

The version crash rates of Android:

Rates of Android

Of all the Android operating systems, Android Lollipop has the lowest crash rate at 2.0%, whereas both KitKat and Ice Cream Sandwich are at 2.6%. The KitKat crash rate is bad news for the Android folks as 40% of Android devices run on this version and is the most used distribution OS until now.

Adding to the iOS 8 troubles, the app crash report also has been disappointing. However iOS 7 seems to be bit of a relief and for some sticking on to iOS 7 is a smart decision.

iOS Crash

On a comparative note with regards to the latest OS versions, Android Lollipop fared better at 2.0% than iOS 8 at 2.2%.

The Crash Report

This means more challenges for the Apple as Android has a stronger foothold in terms of stability with each release. Of course, factors such as the device in use, RAM and the storage are to be considered before arriving at a conclusion. The device (i.e. the hardware used) is also very important to note, as older devices may not be compatible with newer OS versions and hence may cause more hiccups/crashes.

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