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Core PHP vs PHP Framework

Core PHP vs PHP Framework

This article is not dealing with technical terms and concentrates to deliver the content simple. If you are a programmer let me tell you, why you should prefer Framework ahead of Core PHP for your projects. If you are a business guy let me tell you, why it is so important to insist your software vendor to develop your web applications and websites with PHP Framework.
The comparison between Core PHP and PHP Framework can be related to Mathematics.

  • To solve a complicated problem in scientific mathematics, you can either take a paper to work out, or you can use a scientific calculator to solve it.
  • Working out mathematics in a paper is like coding in Core PHP, tapping a scientific calculator is like coding in Framework.

So what do I mean?

Core PHP – Maths With Paper

  • Best student can solve the problem in few steps. Accuracy level – 75% to 100%.
  • Average student may or may not solve the problem, he will write down few more steps to solve the same problem.
  • Accuracy level – 50% to 75%.
  • Poor student cannot solve the problems. Still he will write down, lot and lot of steps to solve the problem. Accuracy level – 0% to 50%.

Framework – Scientific Calculator

  • Every student can solve the problem with 100% accuracy, once they learnt how to use the calculator.
  • The predefined formulas in the calculator will provide you accurate results faster for any problem.

Problem With Core PHP

Core PHP becomes complicated, when people start writing their own logic in it.
One can bring the output in few lines of code, where the other can take a few hundred of lines to bring the same. Both of them cannot read each other’s code. So the problem starts here, that is inconsistency.

Why Choose Framework?

Framework assures reliability, consistency and a big time-saver. It has rich set of functionalities, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel again and again. You will have almost all the functionalities to develop a PHP web application. Since it has been developed in OOPS, you can extend the existing functionality and create your own to have a full control over the application. Framework will not let you to write bad code, unless you purposely do it. When you work as a team, integrating your entire module becomes very easier, also it helps a lot in understanding each other’s code.

When you start developing a project, there are a lot of things, which you have to take care about, but we know only half of the things in it. Framework does everything for you, so you can be assured that your application is clean and safe. Inputs can be sanitized easily. MVC is one of the key functionality of Frameworks, separation of logics from views is a very good practice.

Modification Projects

We all know that the client will surely come back to us one day to enhance the website with lot of his innovative requirements. If the project was done in Core PHP, you will have to say no for 50% of his new requirements, or simply you can tell him that the project is expired. But if the project was done is Framework, the beauty of Framework can be witnessed here. All you have to do is a cakewalk and give the updated project back to the client. I can assure this to you with the personal experiences I had.

Is Core PHP That Bad?

No, not at all. Core PHP helps you to understand the logics behind framework. Your logical thinking can be improved with Core PHP. The Core PHP becomes bad only when it goes to a bad programmer’s desk. Don’t dive into Framework without learning or coding in Core PHP. Please make sure that you read the full documentation before you start coding in Framework, writing Core PHP inside Framework has become common nowadays, it’s an insult to Frameworks.

Innoppl suggests its clients to prefer frameworks for their web applications. Choosing a framework depends upon the requirement of the project, will explain you about the functionalities and unique features of frameworks and how should you pick a framework in upcoming blogs.

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