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Joomla Vs Drupal

Joomla and Drupal are the two leading opensource content management systems developed in PHP and MYSQL. Joomla CMS is widely used for publishing and magazine sites or in some cases for e-commerce sites. Drupal on other hand is widely used for web portals in small and medium sized enterprises.

Website load – Drupal handles website load better than that of Joomla. Drupal behaves properly in things such as versioning. If the page count is between 50 and 500, then Joomla would be an ideal choice. However, for websites with more than 1000 pages Drupal would be an ideal choice.

UI effect – Joomla is a clear winner in UI and graphics of the website. Joomla templates can be easily customized with little knowledge in CSS. Many free Joomla templates are available online which can be used to reduce the development time and cost. Free templates of Drupal aren’t great and modifying those templates is a difficult task.

Stable CMS – Drupal is the most stable CMS with its rock solid code in terms of managing server load and capacity. Whenever the server crosses a threshold capacity, it will shutdown smoothly if the web portal is developed in Drupal. Server overload scenarios are better handled by Drupal compared to Joomla. Web portals developed by Joomla shutdown abruptly when the server is overloaded with huge traffic.

Modules – Drupal has many free in-built modules that are available in its market place. So, developing a site with complex functionalities would be easier in Drupal compare to Joomla. Drupal is a well established opensource CMS with lot of developers and strong community.

Market share – Joomla and Drupal are deployed in equal numbers in web portals across the world. Joomla is better suited for a simple web portal with less traffic. Drupal is suited for a complex web portal with lot of traffic. If you want to hire a Joomla or a Drupal web developer, you have come to the right place. At Innoppl Technologies, we analyze each and every website requirements closely and decide which CMS is better suited for your website. Below is a breakdown of CMS according to W3Tech’s survey.

Blogs – Joomla seems to be more associated with blogs compare to drupal. As Joomla has great UI, bloggers more often choose use it to develop their blogging portals. However, WordPress is a clear leader when it comes to grabbing the attention of bloggers. According to W3Techs, out of 27,000 websites run by Joomla 2.7% of them are blogs based sites. In Drupal, out of 17,000 websites 1.7% of them are blogs.

Blog or news portals rely more on Joomla than drupal.

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