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Native App Vs PhoneGap App

Native App Vs PhoneGap App

At Innoppl Technologies, we have been doing some interesting work with PhoneGap recently. Businesses and entrepreneurs with app ideas who have been caught in the middle on which platform to develop their app first might finally have a solution. Yes instead of developing a native app for iOS (iPhone and iPad), android, windows and zillion other platforms, PhoneGap helps the developers to build once and deploy in multiple platforms instantly.

Still native iOS and android app have their unique advantages which we will cover in a separate post. Most of the native functions such as Accelerometer, Camera, Compass, Connection, Contacts, File, Geolocation, Notification and Storage can be used in PhoneGap app. Push Notification has been one of the reasons for developing a native iPhone, iPad, android and windows app. PhoneGap has solved the push notification barrier. With the help of Urban Airship API, push notification has become even easier.

What are you waiting for? If you want to develop a native iPhone, iPad, android application or a PhoneGap application, get in touch with us at [email protected] or call the phone number listed on our website. Rest assured your apps will be lovingly made by the app developers at Innoppl Technologies. We have offices in Atlanta and San Francisco Bay Area. Visit us at

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